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A business needs web design and development services that are useful today to manage data traffic in the business so that the business can grow. For this reason, web developers play an essential role in your business running smoothly and configuring websites like a front end and back end.

web design development

It is recommended that novice developers learn the basics of websites early on, such as how the site works and HTML, CSS, and Javascript. In addition, tools that can be used, such as build tools and package managers, are also helpful in exploring this web development science.

Web development is done to market products digitally to get good data traffic so that visitors visit the website regularly to view or order products. On the other hand, the website is also helpful in increasing branding for your business.

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What Is Web Design and Development?

Web development helps increase your business by maintaining credibility and increasing branding, but Web design and development services are a fun job by exploring the front end to the back end for website optimization so that SEO that is useful in Google searches is more optimal.

By being responsible for a managed website, this website developer needs to understand how to create a website from scratch and what is needed in your business to increase data traffic so that visitors can easily see and buy the products offered.

Providing the best experience for site visitors, web developers also play an active role in designing and managing the website so that it is easy to use to buy or view products. Job descriptions for web developers include creating site development plans and testing APIs for user interface programs.

This is important and fully accountable to web developers by planning, building, and testing sites for business purposes.

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Why does web design and development benefit your business?

Digitalisation, which forces people to stay in cyberspace, makes websites the right way to market rapidly growing products. With a website, your products can increase your business quickly and efficiently.

But what makes a website profitable for your business?

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digital marketing agency indonesia

Brand Authority

Internet users who are fast making brand authority in your business run and have their brand, vision, and mission in establishing the business, with your business website easily recognizable and having a different identity depending on your business.

With good brand authority, many people can easily recognize your business by optimizing your website using SEO so that your business website can compete on Google pages. For that, we need web developers who are experts in optimizing websites so your brand can be widely known.

Because if you have a professional web developer, they can create an optimal website and know what is needed for your business.

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Brand Awareness

With a website, you have brand awareness so that the audience understands what business you are running. This makes them aware to see, buy and talk about your product to be used as a regular product list to consumers. This will affect the decision-making process for buying the products you offer.

This means that customers like products with a transparent and trustworthy brand and a business with good credibility. This will create a perception that spreads quickly through social media, where customers will directly assess the product you are selling and will recommend it to others if your product is good.

This brand awareness will grow its credibility for customers where they can interact with other customers and assess the excellent product you are selling. In addition, if the product you offer is a solution for consumers, they will create a network to discuss product-focused topics. you.

In addition, there are three types of brand awareness where customers will recognize your brand and distinguish the brand from other brands. There is also a brand recall that remembers some brands because of their famous slogans. The last brand awareness is mind awareness, a collection of best-selling brands in the market.

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Search Engine Result

With a professional web developer, you can optimize on-page SEO and off-page SEO on the SERP (search engine result page) so that the content you create can enter the first page of Google. So, for optimal search engine results, you need a professional web developer who understands SEO.

Because SEO is critical for websites to optimize website traffic by improving the ranking of your business website, that traffic on the website needs to be broken down with optimal SEO techniques by utilizing keywords so that your content and website penetrate on the first page.

Business websites need to be optimized by designing and improving website structure and security. In addition, don't forget to add image optimization and URL structures to backlinks that are useful for SEO in increasing traffic and making visitors feel at home for a long time on your website.

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Long-term customer relationships

Building long-term relationships with customers is not easy, but with brand awareness and good credibility on your website, you will get long-term relationships with customers. Collecting customer data on a website and promoting your product using email marketing is powerful.

This has been proven to establish long-term relationships with customers because the call to action and your credibility on the website are the main things that customers always stick to the products you offer. By running attractive promos and offers, old and new customers will be interested.

Because with different and exciting marketing techniques make customers always curious about what you have to offer your business. Including a website is a primary key for a business in establishing engagement with old and new customers, having a website makes it easier for customers to update products and check whether your business is interested.

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Web design and development Drbrand Helps Manage

Having a web in developing a business is needed so that the business grows by increasing credibility.

However, with Drbrand your business will be managed and assisted, starting from website security to increasing traffic on the website. Here are the advantages:

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WordPress CMS

Web design and development services, such as Drbrand, have the advantage that the WordPress CMS is suitable for online stores that increase your credibility on the website. If you use this CMS, the system used is very flexible so that it is easily accessible by various devices and with an interactive display and is easy to use.

In addition, if you use a WordPress CMS, your site will be easy to find in search engines if consumers want to find the products you offer. This is very beneficial for you and consumers in search of profit because if your site is easy to find, the reach of consumers will be more comprehensive and get more orders.

You don't need a hefty fee to run this WordPress CMS. You can use this site for free because this is very profitable for your business besides the free budget, you do not spend too much. Themes that you can use freely are the advantages of a WordPress CMS.

You can easily customize thousands of themes according to your business, but you can choose paid themes or plugins that you need to make your online business more reliable.

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Landing Page

An excellent online business can use landing pages designed to introduce products to consumers so they can more easily identify the products you offer. By clicking on the offer information page, consumers will immediately know and be directed to WhatsApp to order directly.

This landing page becomes a powerful promotion site and attracts many buyers. Using a landing page also makes it easier to record the number of customers and ask them to enter their address, email, and age to register, which can change future business decisions.

Using an optimized landing page increases your credibility instantly, and many B2B (business-to-business) companies use landing pages to get prospects for more significant business opportunities than a regular website. By hiring an expert developer from Drbrand you can have the best landing page.

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Cyber Security Protection

Drbrand's web design and development services help you protect your website from malware, pharming, and man in the middle to prevent data theft. However, Drbrand can help back up data on your website using available tools, and this needs early prevention so that your website is more secure when data leaks occur.

In addition, the website needs more protection with a firewall application that provides a blocking feature from hacker attacks that are harmful to the website. On the other hand, the application will block specific sites suspected of attacking other websites by blocking the IP address.

Don't forget to use SSL (secure socket layer) with an encrypted protocol so that the database on the website can be controlled.

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Drbrand will optimize your blog with SEO friendly so that your website can be on the first page of Google Optimisation. It has been done on the blog itself, among others, to find keywords suitable for content so that your website is easily found in Google's SERP as the best content.

In addition, content that is long and follows SEO rules becomes interactive content. Using H1 as the title prefix and external links to link your content to external links helps increase optimization on the website. In addition, the website will be optimized by increasing the loading capacity.

With fast loading and using a variety of multimedia content, optimization on on-page SEO can be more accessible and guaranteed that your website will be better. But with Drbrand you can find the right partner to handle your business efficiently and quickly by providing the best service, guaranteeing your business will skyrocket.

With a very long experience, Drbrand offers a digital marketing agency where the service will help your optimizing web conversions and brand development to increase landing pages drastically. Of course, Web design and development services can be quickly assisted by DRBRAND.

Because Web design and development services are needed in various businesses, Drbrand is the right marketing agency for your business today. With a professional team, you will be helped by the presence of Drbrand in professional Web design and development services that are well-known among various clients.

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