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To increase customer engagement or increase brand awareness, viral giveaway management services are the best business strategy for your business. This method is quite efficient and easy to run correctly by some business people. Even many buyers like gifts, so it is not uncommon for new buyers to appear after that.

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As a digital marketing strategy, viral giveaway management involves a series of hosting and presenting your brand in front of new followers. Widely used by business people, both on a small to large scale, as well as cheap to implement. For example, big brands like Nike also use this strategy in product marketing. So what exactly is viral giveaway management? And what are the benefits for the product you are currently running? These questions will be described in this paper. Therefore, see the information below so you get the whole insight!

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What Is Viral Giveaway Management?

Today it is very difficult for a brand to compete with the thousands of stores, products and tools that are launched every week. This causes the options that consumers have is very diverse and broad. That's why it's so crucial for brands to start looking at the big picture.

For example, determine the target market, and how can it be in front of them? What makes consumers buy products on your website, compared to the other three competitors who also grab the customer's attention?

The simple answer is to build a core audience and cultivate those people from fans to loyal customers of your product. It may sound easy, but in practice, most brands fail for some reason, such as time, resources, and talent.

Viral Giveaway Management Service can build more traffic for your website and brand where this method provides incentives to potential customers to become fans to loyal customers in a relatively short time. So what are the advantages of implementing this strategy? Here's the full explanation!

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Why are Viral Giveaway Management Services beneficial for your business?

Giveaway campaigns are indeed effective in attracting the attention of your consumers. This promotion method allows companies to give free goods to their customers and potential customers for free. The idea is to attract new customers and build consumer loyalty to the brand.

Giveaways are the most powerful marketing tool, as they allow companies to connect directly with customers and place products directly on them. Of course, this way makes the company more memorable and stand out from its competitors.

So if you are looking for ways to improve your marketing strategy, then consider giveaways for customers and potential customers. Here are some reasons why giveaways can benefit your business

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Followers Growth

When you give them something they don't know they need, but it's useful indirectly, consumers feel valued for it. Of course, this feeling of respect can increase followers and make the brand more trusted.

Viral giveaway management services can be implemented by distributing small items such as hand sanitizer, lip gloss, and others. It may seem small, but it will be useful to the customer at the right time. And this way can be a form of appreciation for those who are loyal to your product.

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Potential Email Lead Growth

An email marketing lead can be defined as a potential customer who has expressed an interest in a particular product, service, or brand of your business. Usually they are willing to receive marketing emails from your business, either through forms, live chat, to telephone. By using a giveaway, you can create a custom page that makes it easier to collect email addresses. You can determine who can receive the giveaway, from the data of people who subscribe to your website.

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Brand Awareness Growth

Brand awareness is the ability of consumers to recognize and remember the brand of a product and service. Usually consumers prefer products to be purchased from brands that are familiar in their environment.

Therefore, you can take advantage of platforms or social media, such as Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and Snapchat to introduce products. Coupled with giving a giveaway, consumers are more interested in your product.

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Post Engagement Growth

It is common information, if social media is the main consumption of the world's population, both for communicating, getting information, and even product marketing. Marketing products online allows businesses to get more traffic, increase exposure and drive sales leads.

The real advantage of viral giveaway management services is increased post engagement. Websites are not only visited by users who browse your product, but there is action to buy your product. In this way, customer involvement can be formed to suppress product sales.

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Brand Trust

Brand trust is a form of measuring customer trust in the products you sell. Where many people have opinions about brand trust, a product or service becomes important in business. Even a number of studies conclude, if brand trust fails, it will affect consumer loyalty.

One way to increase brand trust can be achieved through viral giveaway management. With increasing brand trust, your business will develop sustainably.

Viral Giveaway Campaign Drbrand Helps Manage

Through Drbrand will help the best digital solutions with expertise outside the field of marketing. Later the given strategy can be an insight for you on how to see the results of consumer engagement on the website. The viral giveaway management service that we provide, aims to achieve your business targets in the long term.

In implementing the giveaway campaign, of course, it will be different from the usual gift giving. Because participants will be given a 'unique referral link', and share it with a wider audience. The spread of links is carried out by participants for the purpose of achieving even higher chances of winning. This will continue, because people will give the link to some of their friends, family, to their followers on social media.

In the end, this process will be like snowballs that go viral, as many people join your referral system. The management of this campaign is carried out in several ways, such as social media giveaways, viral sweepstakes, viral rewards, and viral waiting lists. Here's the description in detail!

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Social Media Giveaway

All consumers will be happy to win prizes, especially from their favorite brands. By creating a social media giveaway, the opportunity to fulfill customer desires will be fulfilled. It's also a way of showing your engagement, and influencing the increase in buzz around your brand. In addition, this method can increase the number of followers, strengthen brand awareness, and increase customer loyalty

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Viral Sweepstakes

It is common for companies to give gifts to market their products. But most of them rely on the lottery process to determine who gets the prize. Of course, this method is irrelevant and less efficient if applied. Viral giveaway management services allow a brand to go viral in a different way. Because it's a contest, everyone competes to get more entries by spreading the referral code to friends, family, and anyone else.

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Viral Rewards

When the business you run has been successful and received an award, you can give a giveaway to consumers, which reflects your business. This aims to increase brand awareness and media so that you can engage with consumers.

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Viral Waiting Lists

A viral waiting list is more like a competition combined with a waiting list. You can offer a giveaway, and some consumers will enter and compete to win.

Why do you need  Viral giveaway management services?

As you know, this is a digital marketing strategy that involves hosting to showcase your brand in front of new customers. Plus, it's more cost-effective, while expanding your social reach.

A viral giveaway management service generates leads, engages customers, and increases audience reach, all at the same time. This has become a common strategy in cross-industry businesses.

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