How To Sell Art on Pinterest: Step By Step Guide

How to sell art on pinterest – There’s a stigma that as an independent artist, people are rarely or will always be struggling in making money. If you’re having a passion for designing, and have a distinct visual style that might not be compatible to work in a system (i.e in-house designer) then you might want to understand how to live off from you.

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Why Artists Rarely Make Money

How to sell art on pinterest – The demand for art and design is not as high as for other industries, such as technology or finance. This means that there may not be as many job opportunities or clients available, which can make it difficult for artists and designers to find steady work.

Many artists and designers work as freelancers, which can make it difficult to establish a consistent income stream. They may need to constantly hustle for new clients and projects, and may struggle to find steady work. If you’re currently experiencing this, then you have to get a business mindset to thrive from your art.

Artists and designers may not have the business skills necessary to market their work effectively, negotiate contracts, and manage finances. This can make it difficult to build a sustainable career and earn a comfortable living. Luckily, the internet is helping you to make money off of your art and designs.

Platforms to Sell Art, and Why Pinterest is the Best

How to sell art on pinterest – The internet can help you avoid the starving artist life. You can sell and make money from your independent and unique art design. The problem is that many artistic people assume that they only need to put their art on the internet and then they will generate sales. Here’s some of the best platforms to make money from Internet:


These platforms allow graphic designers to create a profile, bid on jobs, and work with clients from all over the world. For example, charges a commission on the freelancer’s earnings, but provides tools for managing projects and tracking time.

The problem is that you’ll still be bound with the client’s demands.


How to sell art on pinterest – Here are some reasons why Pinterest can be a good platform for graphic designers and artists:

1. Highly Visual & Created For Artists

Pinterest is a highly visual platform, which makes it a great fit for artists and designers who want to showcase their work. It allows users to create boards and save images, which can be a great way to curate and organize visual content.

2. Diverse & Wide Spectrum of Audiences

How to sell art on pinterest – Pinterest has a large and diverse user base, which means that artists and designers have the potential to reach a wide audience with their work. This can be especially useful for those who are looking to build their brand or promote their services.

3. A Search Engine, For Art

Pinterest is also a search engine, which means that users can optimize their content for search and gain more visibility. This can be especially useful for artists and designers who are looking to drive traffic to their website or online store.

How To Sell Art on Pinterest

We emphasize sales and selling in this article because we want to inform you on how you can monetize your precious art through the internet. In the previous section, we have told you that Pinterest is arguably the best platform to start your artistic business, here’s the step by step to How to sell art on pinterest :

1. Understanding the Trend & Crafting Identity

In this capitalistic world, you have to fill a certain need to make money. Think of it as you have to serve then you get served. So, You’ll need to research the trendy artistic movement, or at least learn how to make your art presentable while maintaining your artistic identity that makes it unique.

2. Apply Your Designs

How to sell art on pinterest – The Pinterest audiences will definitely be more inclined to purchase or license your designs if they had clearer concepts on where these illustrations would be utilized. So try to make more mockups and imagery on how your design would be looked like when attached to certain products, here are some examples:

  • Fashion Merchandise

Fashion designers can apply their designs in the clothing, footwear, and accessories industries. They may design clothing lines, create textile patterns, and develop accessories such as bags, jewelry, and shoes.

  • Interior Design and Planning

Interior designers can apply their designs to residential and commercial spaces. They may work on designing layouts, selecting materials and finishes, and creating color schemes.

3. Converting Traffic

Try to set up your business and art merchandise through Etsy Shop or other marketplace and platforms such as Shopify, Amazon, and other places where they could easily buy or contact you for licensing deals. This way, How to sell art on pinterest you are making it easy for them to access your products and art.


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How to sell art on pinterest – It is important to be a business-minded artist in order to avoid the starving artist phase in life. This is not to make your art just another commodity out there, but because it is worth your time and effort, it is great to be rewarded with monetary compensation when people enjoy your art.

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