Instagram Audience Insights for Beginner Business Owners

Instagram Audience Insights – always show you how your profile’s traffic impacts your business. This feature will help you to boost your marketing strategy even better. But how is it? Learn more about using it as a secret weapon for your marketing here.

Instagram Insights: What Is It?

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Instagram Audience Insights is a feature that Instagram Business Account created to develop and allow users to view analytics linked to their posts and profile. This feature can identify what the audience mainly engages with and likes. In this way, you can improve your marketing strategy on Instagram effectively.

By using Instagram Insights, there will be no need to guess what will work best for your Instagram audience. You will get all the information needed for the marketing strategy from the feature. In this way, gaining more followers, earning more likes, and growing your Instagram profile are not hard to achieve.

Why Do You Need the Feature?

Instagram Audience Insights is important for small businesses due to some good reason. The main reason is that the feature will make it possible for you to get access to engagement data of Instagram users. The user engagement data itself is critical for the improvement of your business profile. You need to keep in mind that knowing the raw numbers, including the amount of likes you gained for your posts is not sufficient. The key is that you need to understand the audience of your account too.

That is how Instagram Insights will be very beneficial for your business. The feature is there to tell you how your audience does things. It also tells you who your audience are and what they prefer. In this way, every decision you make for your business will not only be based on gut feeling but also analysis data.

Furthermore, analytics and data provided by Instagram Insights allow you to effectively measure impacts of your marketing strategy through different channels. Therefore, you can easily find out if there is something with the marketing strategy that you need to improve or do differently. This can be posting at a certain time of day, targeting a different audience, experimenting with a different content format, and more.

Step-by-Step Way to Use Instagram Insights

instagram audience insights
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If you want to use Instagram Audience Insights to successfully grow your business, here are the steps you need to know.

Measure Reach

To get into the measure reach, you need to click a section of the Instagram Insight called Accounts Reached. This will allow you to reflect the number of users that have viewed what you posted on Instagram. You will see some insights within this category. These include top IGTV video, profile activity, top posts, impressions, and top stories. Interestingly, these insights can be expanded to see more insights as well.

Track Followers and Profile Visits

You can also use this Instagram Insights to track your followers as well as profile visits. You can find the Profile Visits under Account Activity on the Accounts Reached page.

Profile Visits in Instagram Insights will show you the number of times your audience viewed your profile. From here, you can easily find out how many people who visit your profile and then become your followers. This can be done simply by dividing the number of your followers by the number of your visitors. To get better results, you need to check this number over time. In this way, you can quickly figure out if the conversation rate of your Instagram decreases or increases.

Find Out Website Clicks

Another great way to use Instagram Insight is by determining website clicks. Just like the Profile Visits, you can find Website Taps of the feature under the Account Activity. This Insight will allow you to find out the number of times a link that you put in your business profile has been clicked by your audience.

Track Content Interactions

If you want to find the Content Interactions section on your Instagram account, you can navigate to Insight Overview. From here, you can click Accounts Engaged. This action will take you to a certain page that reflects the performance of your content in terms of engagement. It then will help you break down the metrics based on types of the content.

For instance, Comments shows the number of comments left under your posts while Likes reflects the number of user’s who love your posts. If you notice that these numbers are not like they’re expected, then you need to reevaluate your strategy.

Tracking Followers

To successfully track your followers, again, you need to navigate back to Insight Overview. Then, you will find the Total Followers section and click it. From here, you will see the Follower Breakdown page that shows how many followers you have earned so far. This can also reflect the number of followers that you have lost over the past week. Furthermore, the feature can also provide you with information related to the average time of day when your followers or audience are using their Instagram account. The data gathered by this feature will be very beneficial the next time you want to plan posts.

Understand the Actions Taken on Your Posts

Growing business using Instagram also needs you to view insights dedicated to a certain Instagram post. You can do it simply by visiting your Instagram profile. After that, make sure that you click the post you want to look into. Then, tap on View Insight you can find just below the image. This will allow you to find out the number of actions taken by Instagram users on your profile after viewing your posts.

Final Thoughts

Instagram Audience Insights is an important feature for business owners. With the analytics data presented, you can know who your audience is, what they want, and how they do things. Based on this information, you can plan the best marketing strategy to grow your business.

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