7 How to Grow Clothing Brand on Instagram : Easiest Way

How to Grow Clothing Brand on Instagram – Instagram is the default social media which nearly every marketers utilize. The usage frequency, engagements, and the ever-evolving platform offers marketing departments all across the globe a unified platform of social media.

So, you might be here because you have searched some tips on How to Grow Clothing Brand on Instagram. Whether you are an entrepreneur or a marketer for a clothing brand, these are specific things to do, explained easily.

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1. Create a Powerfull Profile

how to grow clothing brand on instagram
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What makes your brand unique? what’s in it for the customers? These are the questions that you have to answer as a clothing brand marketer or entrepreneur. These things will inevitably be translated in to your profile’s content.

Your content in the Instagram, in any format available – have to communicate your brand strongly. A collection of feeds, Stories, and Reels are important to make sure that your brand, and whatever it stands for – is communicated well and connect to the audience.

So How to Grow Clothing Brand on Instagram through a strong profile?

  • Just Do It

Learn from Nike and try to state a message through your brands. Is your brand communicates rebellious image? or an elegant wear for office people? There should be an identity, images and words are your main weapon.

  • Images and Words

Try to make a tagline and catchphrase, turn it into a hashtag and keep using it consistently in any of your contents. You can also make a distinct templates or type of images using filters or certain frames.

2. Utilize Instagram Stories

How to Grow Clothing Brand on Instagram – Engagements are important tool for your brand. What we meant by engagement is the amount of interactions made by your followers and others whom saw your content. These engagements came from likes, comments, and saved content.

Use Instagram Stories to stay updated. The Instagram stories can generate engagements through notifying people about your latest content. There are also some tools in Instagram story that could also generate it’s own engagement:

  • Stickers
  • Polls
  • Question & Answer
  • Multiple Choices
  • Link

3. Using Hashtag

how to grow clothing brand on instagram
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As we have mentioned before, words and images are important thing to use. These two are might be the only major weapon for you to gain engagements and convert them to sales for your business.

so How to Grow Clothing Brand on Instagram by using hashtag? Let’s back to square one: find your profile and make a strong identity of it. One of them is to tell your brand’s vision and story through a certain words and taglines.

Use these taglines to make a certain word or ideas related to your brand almost exclusively. For example, Nike is associated with Just Do It and rebellious-ish athletes. Adidas were more known as the technology-driven shoes, and so on.

Here are some tips:

  • Make It a combination of a general word, or sentence – with a specific one from your brand
  • The shorter, and faster to know is better
  • Make it unique, but easy to remember and spoken

4. Post Product Videos

This is a no brainer when we talk about How to Grow Clothing Brand on Instagram. What we want to stress here, is show not only the product or the prices. But let them know deeper.

One thing that people often do in videos are showing the products and done. This creates a video that doesn’t communicate “what’s in it for me?” in the customer’s mind. 

So here are some type of videos that might help communicate to your audience and give them a reason to purchase:

  • How to use your product (highlights the clothing’s practicality)
  • What is your brand stands for?
  • Why the material relevant to customer’s experience?

5. Giveaway Contests

How to Grow Clothing Brand on Instagram – Before sales, sometimes you have to build your followers base first. So, use giveaway contests to make people follow your account. The winners would then be rewarded with your products.

Have some quizzes that relates to your current ad campaign. Maybe ask them about the materials you use, or about your brand identity. Make the quests or challenges be around letting people know things about your brand.

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6. Create Influencer Marketing Campaigns

how to grow clothing brand on instagram
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Influencers campaign are an inseperable part of the How to Grow Clothing Brand on Instagram. What you look for in the influencers campaign is:

  • Credibility

Your clothing brand stands for something, these might be better communicated by someone who has certain persona in the social media. Maybe someone who cares for the environment can support a green focused brand. Another example, using indie musician to promote independent messages.

  • Reach

Another thing to look for is the reach. It’s no just about how many followers they have but also what are the audience like? these deeper analysis needs to be known before you pay someone a hefty price for a content.

7. Utilize Instagram Shopping Features

How to Grow Clothing Brand on Instagram – As we have stated in the beginning, Instagram is one of the ever-evolving social media platform that consistently adds new things everytime. One of the newest experiments that came forth is the Instagram Shopping Features.

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The shopping features were quite helpful to convert people who watch your content purchase one. The price tags, the link to your main web, and we heard that Instagram is currently pursuing PayPal and Banks to add into their system.

That’s some How to Grow Clothing Brand on Instagram made easy. Try to use it as a guide to find deeper datas and ideas before executing things. Social Media marketing for clothing brand is not easy but these tips can guide you better.

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