Content Pillars for Instagram: Complete Guide for Business Owners

Content pillars for Instagram – will help your planning on social media platforms. A good strategy is needed to make the most of your small business, both the brand and product. However, most beginners don’t know where to begin when it comes to content pillars. This page will help you develop content pillars for your Instagram account to get the best results of your marketing strategy.

Content Pillars: What Is It?

content pillars for instagram
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Speaking about counter pillars of Instagram, you need to know that they are solely for Instagram. It can be said that content pillars are the basis for all content of social media platforms. They will make it possible for you to share the same content through different platforms at a time.

Simply put, content pillars are a handful of interconnected topics that become the focus of a company when posting content on a social media platform. In other words, these content pillars serve as clusters. For instance, if you are a food blogger, you can make content pillars based on the types of cuisine served by each country.

Most of the time, content pillars consist of three to five overarching ideas used by your company to promote products and services. They are a mix of topics that enable your audience to know who you are and what you offer.

Why Do You Need Content Pillars?

Generally speaking, content pillars are the foundation of your marketing strategy on Instagram. They can be an inspiration you can utilize to create the sub-topics of the content you write. Keep in mind that content pillars don’t tell how you make the content. They don’t tell you how you share it either.

However, the content pillars for Instagram allow you to easily generate more ideas. You can also use them to lean into topics. In this way, you can make more than one post on a specific topic.

Content pillars also allow you to share a variety of topics. Thus, the content that you post won’t be too heavy on a singular issue. Having content pillars for marketing also makes it possible for you to plan your business agenda or content calendar in advance. You can also use them to identify which types of posts that work well for your marketing. Then, you can use this information to make similar content to post on your Instagram.

Creating Content Pillars for Instagram

content pillars for instagram
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To create content pillars for Instagram, there are some steps you have to complete.

1. Who are Your Target Followers?

For the first step, you need to start to define who will be your target followers. The reason is that follower count plays an important role as a Key Performance Indicator in Instagram marketing.

This will also very helpful if you work your way backward. In this way, instead of scratching from the bottom to find out what your followers night like, you can start from the top. From here, you can try to figure out what your followers already like.

The reason you need a straightforward strategy is that it allows you to view the Instagram profile of your audience. Through their Instagram profile, you can gather information about brands that they follow. Not only that but it also makes it possible for you to find out if they like the content.

2. Look at Your Followers’ Hashtags

Once you look at the Instagram profile of your followers and collect information from there, make sure that you check their hashtags. You can find these hashtags on their “Following” list. It is considered the more direct way you can find out potential content pillars for your Instagram.

3. Aligning Website Content Pillars with Your Marketing Strategy

For the next step, you need to align your business plan with website content pillars. Make sure to check if your followers run blogs and have had content pillars. From here, you can use these verticals to learn more about their marketing strategies on Instagram.

Chances that your followers with content pillars also use a lot of visual content on their pages. With this, you can get a lot of ideas on how to create interesting visual content for your Instagram. Looking at the blog categories, you will also find it easy to identify content pillars.

4. What Happens to Industry Trends?

Running a business needs you to keep up with the latest trends in the industry. Make sure that you also find out the latest news related to it. This will make it easier for you to uncover the most suitable content pillars for your potential customers.

However, there is a downside often linked to this idea. When it comes to keep updating to the latest trends, there is no exact way to figure out if a certain trend in the industry will be an effective content pillar for your followers. Thus, you need to make sure that you know your customers well. Not only that but you also need to get to know their audience well to choose the most suitable topic.

5. Determine the Level of Content Pillars for Your Instagram

Keep in mind that you must define content pillars for any visual types that you are going to promote on your social media platform. These types of visuals will serve you as a style guide. Then, your content team can follow the guidance to keep consistent messaging for your clients. You can go to similar brands to check their Instagram profile to help you find ideas. However, make sure that you also analyze little things like Comments, Hashtags, Descriptions, and Stories to boost your Instagram strategy

Final Thoughts

Counter pillars for Instagram is a powerful tool to help you boost your marketing strategy. As a business owner, you are suggested to use 3 or 5 pillars each time you post content. Though it’s a bit hard to develop only 5 pillars for your Instagram account, things will be much better once you successfully brainstormed these ideas. When it comes to content pillars, you need to keep in mind that it is not only about creating a particular post but also generating topics relevant to your main pillars.

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