Boost Engagement Instagram Guide for Beginner Business Owners

Boost engagement Instagram – is crucial, including for beginner business owners. The higher the engagement of an Instagram account, the more chance its post reaches the Explore Feed. As a result, people can easily see the post even when they don’t follow the account yet. Check the explanation below to understand it better.

What is Boost Engagement Instagram?

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Boosting the engagement of an Instagram account means that you do anything to increase the interaction between Instagram users and your content. The interaction on Instagram varies, including giving love, commenting, sharing, and saving your content. The higher the engagement of your account, the easier for Instagram users to find your content on the Explore Feed.

The more they see your content on the Explore Feed and see it, the bigger the chance for them to follow your account. It is because they start to enjoy it and need to see your content. A high engagement on Instagram can also direct you to your potential customers. That’s why boosting engagement is so important for beginner business owners who want to start their business on Instagram. It is not only improving popularity, increasing the number of followers and potential customers, but also sales.

The signs that your engagement increases is when Instagram users easily reach your content from the Explore Feed even when they don’t follow you yet, new followers come, and the additional number of hearts that are even more than the number of your followers. So, you have to find ways to make Instagram users like your content, comment on your content, save the content, and send your content to friends.

Why Boost Engagement Instagram is Important for Beginner Business Owners?

So why boosting engagement on Instagram is so important for beginner business owners? There are two main reasons why you need to boost engagement Instagram if you have a startup.

Spread Your Content to a Wider Audience

Instagram loves to recommend content or accounts that are popular among Instagram users. So, the more people look at your content, commenting on it, and like it the higher your engagement. It seems that people are telling Instagram that your content and account are great and more people should know about it.

As a result, Instagram will put your popular content on the Explore Feed to spread it to a wide audience. It is important for beginner business owners because it means you can reach more potential customers who will buy your products and services. At least, you can introduce your brand, products, and services to people and hope they love it.

Supports You to Build Community

Slowly but surely, Instagram users will be more curious and addicted to your content. As a result, they decide to tap your account and explore more. The highest achievement is when they start following your account and actively interact with your account. At a certain point, your followers are your community.

They have the same intention towards your niche and topics. They will be happily involved in the interaction. The stronger the bond between you and your followers, the stronger your community. It builds loyal followers who often buy and use whatever you offer to them.

How to Boost Engagement Instagram: Step by Step

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Now, you know that boosting engagement on Instagram is crucial to developing your business. Next, you should learn how to boost engagement on Instagram. The information below will significantly help you to boost engagement.

Create Carousels

It is the best trick you should use to boost the engagement of your Instagram account. This feature can build stronger and deeper storytelling from you to your followers. You only have to prepare up to 10 images, videos, or text banners per post. Then, post them sequentially at once.

Use this feature for your business, including behind the scenes of your business, the way you pack orders, a day of your life as a business owner, and other information based on your niche or branding. Focus on interactive carousel posts to receive responses from your followers. Relatable content makes it more savable and shareable. It means the carousel posts help to increase your engagement.

Create Instagram Reels

Instagram Reels is a new feature. It seems that Instagram is inspired by TikTok which serves short videos. The idea is to create short videos or photo series, along with effects and music. The time is limited from 15 seconds to 60 seconds.

This feature can significantly boost engagement because you can create more inviting content. At the same time, the content should be to the point because the time is limited. Best of all, it gives a higher impression and post reach.

Create Content on Stories

You should also create content on Instagram Stories to boost engagement. The goal of this feature is to increase response to Direct Messages. Use the interactive features available there, such as polling, quiz, questions, and many more.

The most effective features that can significantly boost engagement are link stickers, pools and questions, and location stickers. Creating content on Stories with a link sticker can drive traffic to your website, landing page, email subscription forms, or anything as long as they know your brand, products, and services.

Pools and questions content indeed boost interaction with your audience. Posting a photo with a location sticker can also show where you are, so your followers are curious to go there. Ensure that you post intriguing videos and photos to trigger your followers to ask more about the Direct Message.

Write an Inviting Caption

A caption is also important to triggering followers to interact with you. Use powerful copywriting and language that your audience often uses. It seems that they relate with you and finally interact with you whether by commenting, saving, sharing, or hitting the love button.

Indeed, the trick above can’t instantly boost your engagement on Instagram. Consistency is the key. Post at least 2 to 3 times a day from your Instagram account to get maximum results. Try to post the content during peak time or when your audience is active on Instagram. Be creative in creating content and use all the features available to significantly boost engagement Instagram.

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