7 Facebook Ads Ecommerce Strategy : Must Try

Facebook ads Ecommerce Strategy – You might want to read this if you’re a marketeer, selling things online, or looking for a way to scale up your online selling business? If so, we have compiled 7 easiest tips that has that power to enhance your E-Commerce business.

These strategies are important to be done properly. If you’re serious on growing sales or building up on your company – this is the perfect opening source of knowledge for you to learn more about Facebook ads Ecommerce Strategy.

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1. Using Dynamic Product Ads

facebook ads ecommerce strategy
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Most ecommerce use dynamic product ads to advertise multiple products at once. The dynamic product ads is this ad that able to scroll to the right or left and open up slides for new, exciting products.

The Facebook ads Ecommerce Strategy in using this kind of product is to give the impression for your viewers that your E-Commerce platform or channel has what they want, and more.

The Dynamic product ads might work better if you are having an established platform with well-suited number of product diversification.

2. Facebook Multi-Product Ads

Facebook multi product ads is another tool for you to win the advertising game. multi products work just like dynamic product ads, but more detailed and could fit more images in the slides.

If you are interested to do this Facebook ads Ecommerce Strategy, make sure that you already have certain images to be focused on. This is because, Facebook Multi Product ads have a slightly better reach and engagement than Dynamic Product Ads.

3. Install Conversion Tracking with Facebook Pixel

facebook ads ecommerce strategy
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Now, whatever you want to do, and however good you design your ad – marketing on Facebook and other social media came to one basic foundation: scout and converse. Scout the specific market and then try to convert them to sales

this Facebook ads Ecommerce Strategy, try to learn and use the tracking apps such as Pixel. These application will help you to track how is your ads reaching the right market or not. 

The conversion tracking tool can help you monitor which things that do work, and study why your ad isn’t accepted or moving enough that people wants to change. Continous learning is important to optimize the ad campaign.

4. Retargeting Campaigns

What if your Facebook ads Ecommerce Strategy is failing you? then you might want to do a retargeting campaign. For example, initially the sweet donut might not be the hot item when you’re selling it to office employees, but kids surely love it.

We need to consistently learn the campaign through the data. These will give us a look about your audience, and can be made as an insight to perfect your next campaign.

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5. Use carousel ads

Carousel ads can also function similar to multi-item ads. but usually, when people did this – is often by boosting their content to become Instagram Ads on it’s own. this is a fairly new tactic in Facebook ads Ecommerce Strategy.

6. Create video ads

facebook ads ecommerce strategy
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What’s better thing to grab your audience’s attention than a video ad? – make an interesting and attention-grabbing video formats such as reels, long form, and others. These contents could be made to be an ad boosted content to increase engagement for your account.

7. Create a Lookalike Audience

a lookalike audience is another Facebook ads Ecommerce Strategy that gains popularity in the age of social media. a Lookalike audience has a shared characteristics that bonded them together. another word for it is niche.

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Try to look for people’s passions and communities that has shared interest. These people has a similar identity and would at one context want the same product or services.

And that’s the Facebook ads Ecommerce Strategy that you should do in 2022. Always focus on awareness, reach and converting the audience to become sales. Although this isn’t the only way, but these were the fundamentals to scale up your online Ecommerce business.

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