7 Advanced Facebook Marketing Tips & Strategy

Advanced Facebook Marketing Tips – Since the advent of META, advanced Facebook Marketing is becoming one field where every marketeers are required to master. Because META is now making some platforms connected, the rewards are big enough to take some costs.

But that doesn’t mean that we could just sink the money down the drain. Instead, we have compiled these seven advanced marketing techniques in Facebook and META in order to maximize reach and convert them to sales.

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7 Advanced Facebook Marketing Tips & Strategy

advanced facebook marketing
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1. Set Goals

In this chapter of advanced Facebook Marketing, we need to understand the foundation first: What are we looking for in doing this activity? most of the strategies that were done here are comprised of two main goals:

  • Awareness

If your goal is mainly to raise awareness, to make more people know your message or aware that the item you are selling is worth their money and time – you might want to enlarge reach rather than conversion.

In attaining this goal, you might want to get the largest spread of ads in Facebook and all across the META platform. Don’t aim for certain ultra-specific category. Instead, try to hit everyone as possible.

  • Conversion

Conversions are the stage where people are buying or make the sale. In other context, it can also means that the audience sign your petition or follow your call to action. 

In order to do that, target a niche or specific audience you know that will generate the most engagement. You must also identify the audience you are talking to, so that the probability of them taking action is high.

2. Target Your Audience 

Even though your campaign might be quite general – it is important for us to understand that certain audience works better than the other. So try to determine who are the people best to be talking to.

Don’t target the elderly if you are looking to sell youthful items. In other context, also don’t try to show basketball ads to people who like foods. specific audience means higher conversion from mere audience, to either followers or sales.

3. Set Your Budget

advanced facebook marketing
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Advanced Facebook Marketing Tips – Try and consult some experts before you set your budget. The budget that you are set on will highly influence the outcome of your campaign.

You also need to count and understand the cost per customer rate (how much do you need to pay to attain a conversion/sales) and budget wisely in accordance to your campaign goals.

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4. Use Cross-Platform Funnels

As we mention before, initiate a cross-platform campaign because META is coordinating these platforms such as WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram even more cohesively. 

Try to make a lead to another social media. Make people who follows your Instagram account got leads to your WhatsApp where you can close. Other ideas include to use salespage or other conversion tools to make your ad meaningful to your business.

5. Use Automation

Advanced Facebook Marketing Tips – There are a lot of tools that would help you plan and execute better. For example, some AIs such as thispersondoesnt exist.com can help you get some stock photos of people. Also, you can look for videos made by AI in Pexels.

You can also use some AI generated tools to plan the content of your campaign and analyze it’s performance in real time.

6. Monitor daily

advanced facebook marketing
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The most crucial but often forgotten part of the campaign is the reporting. Try to monitor it daily so that you could ater some things that didn’t perform well. always monitor it and try to adjust it to your best interests.

7. Don’t Be Afraid to Get Messy

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Advanced Facebook Marketing Tips – Don’t think of the social media campaign is like an orchestral harmony – it’s chaotic and chanegs a lot with the social media’s ever changing alghorytm. Think of it as a Jazz experience and perfected by keep monitoring and improving.

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