7 Ways How to Attract Customers on Facebook

How To Attract Customers on Facebook? This is the million-dollar question that you have to know the answer to. Facebook, although slowly being left by the users, is still going strong as a leading social media platform.

The algorithm could change, but the principles are there. It is important for us to get the fundamentals right to keep attracting traffic and convert them to sales on Facebook. Here are the ways to do it, simple and explained:

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7 Ways How to Attract Customers on Facebook

how to attract customers on facebook
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1. Prioritize Your Business Objectives

To understand ways How To Attract customers on Facebook, you have to begin with yourself. As a business, what do you need? What are your objectives in going to Facebook? These questions need your own explanation because they will give you the way to chart forward.

Your business objective could be:

  • Raising awareness for your product
  • Promoting certain products/services in a certain group

2. Build Your Facebook Audience

how to attract customers on facebook
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Elaborating on previous points on How To Attract customers on Facebook, according to certain metrics and studies, people use Facebook mostly to have a community. It isn’t the messaging services or having attention on your account – it’s the groups.

So this might be the best way to attract your Facebook audience. Try to make or get into a certain group. Thus, you can have your own audience and you can start building pillars for your market. You can dig into a group’s interests and cater to their interests.

3. Create Exclusive Groups

Exclusive groups and communities are another points on How To Attract customers on Facebook. Remember, you don’t have and maybe won’t sell to everyone – it is better to make a certain community that keeps buying your stuff rather than selling to anyone.

You must have heard the Wolf of Wall Street question: Sell Me This Pen! Jordan Belfort told us that the answer to that question isn’t a single line, but rather, it is the opening question to an activity called: Identification. Do they need the pen I’m selling?

The goal of the question is to actually find a person or people that actually need and want to buy your product.

So this is why you need to make exclusive groups on your plan on How To Attract customers on Facebook. You can make exclusive or selected programs in order to give more privileges or just to make sure that the people in there will be hot leads for your business.

4. Specials Discount Offers

how to attract customers on facebook
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This is a no-brainer. You can push growth to your sales with special discounts. This is to emphasize the quantity of sales which would in turn make more money in the short run. You can also use this in combination with an exclusive group where the discount is a privilege for people who have followed you and bought certain milestones.

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5. Maximize Customer Acquisition With Advertising

Another point on How To Attract customers on Facebook that often be misunderstood by people is the advertising side. See, many businesses think that posting on Facebook gives them sales. Not really.

There is another side to advertising on Facebook business, There are two parts of the whole grand strategy here:

  • Ads Boost (Turning Your post into an ad that would be seen by people who didn’t follow you)
  • Facebook ads (making an ad on Facebook like you saw on Google)

Facebook ads work like this: the more specific you want the ad to distribute, the more expensive it is. If you are making an ad to people anywhere and anytime, we might see cheaper ad costs but with little to no conversion promised.

On the other hand, if you have a specific audience in mind. Both in psychographic and demographic data, you might need to spend more on ads, but Facebook guarantees that the post or ad will hit or be clicked in a certain milestone.

6. Share Product Videos

How To Attract Customers on Facebook would also be helped by sharing product videos. This isn’t just a video that shows the product, but more importantly: tries to sell them on why the product is valuable to them.

For example, how to use the product? How can this product be better than other competitors? Try to see things from the customer’s perspective and answer their questions.

7. Customer Testimonials

how to attract customers on facebook
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The last, but also impactful part of the discussion on How To Attract customers on Facebook is making customer testimonials.

Sure you know about making people tell stories about how good your products were, but more than that, try to make them organically post or share your products and services. Make storytelling a part of your business, and let the consumers become the main character.

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Go make a campaign on Facebook, and make people share their experiences with giveaways for incentives. Endorse a certain message and let people support you too.

So That’s How To Attract Customers on Facebook explained easily. Understanding these basic principles will get you results. Take it slow and don’t pour things at once. Be patient, stay hungry, and keep learning.

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