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If previously, advertising could only be done on electronic and print media, now, advertising can be done through social media. Where social media advertising services can be said to be the most effective way to introduce products and services more easily and quickly.

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But what exactly is meant by social media? and what social media platforms/accounts can be used to promote these products/services? To find out, of course, you need to listen to some of the information below.

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What Is Social Media Advertising?

According to Wikipedia, social media is a digital platform that allows users to interact and communicate with each other and share content in the form of writing, photos, and videos.

This is also why social media is now a digital media that is increasingly popular today. Because now, people's lives can not be separated from the internet.

But actually, that's not all. There are other reasons why social media is becoming very popular these days. The history of the emergence of social media began to be seen when the email discovery occurred in 1970. With electronic mail, everyone can communicate more easily.

One of the innovations is creating a digital platform known as social media. In this digital platform, everyone can interact and communicate not only by writing or voice messages, which were previously introduced via telephone and email.

Some of the services that can be done on social media include sharing content in the form of images/photos, text messages, voice messages, and videos. Even now, this social media can also be used as promotional media with the introduction of social media advertising services.

With this service, business people can promote the products/services they sell only by using their social media accounts to get traffic from your website.

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What are the types of Social Media Advertising?

Business people use many accounts/social media platforms to promote their businesses. This proves that this social media advertising service has been chosen to make business promotions easier and faster.

Several types of social media advertising are often used by some of these business people, including:

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Static image

One type of advertisement on social media that business people often use is Static Image Ads. This type of advertising on social media displays images and simple text displayed on social media, with the aim of advertising/promoting a product and service.

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Video Ads

If Static Image Ads display advertisements in images and simple text, then this type of advertisement on social media in the form of video ads displays videos as promotional media used in one or more social media accounts.

Social media advertising services in the form of Video Ads usually consist of 3 formats. Among them:

  • Linear Video Ads, which is a type of Video Ad that display ads before, in the middle, or after the video, can be seen by the audience
  • Non-Linear Video Ads. It is an ad that is displayed in conjunction with the posted video. Thus, when the audience watches the video, indirectly, the audience can see the ads displayed on the video.
  • Companion video ads. It is a type of Video Ad accompanied by text and also image ads, which are displayed on videos.
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Stories Ads

In addition to the two types of ads above, other social media advertising services you can use are the types of ads in the form of Stories Ads. In this type of advertisement on social media, the ad will be displayed in a video with a maximum duration of 15 seconds.

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Messenger Ads

Another type of advertising on social media that business people often choose. Where this type of ad is known as Messenger Ads. As the name implies, this type of ad directs ads to be sent via messenger on Facebook, Instagram, or other social media accounts.

Unlike other types of advertising on social media, Messenger Ads are usually personal, where the advertising message will be delivered to everyone. Although the content of the advertising message conveyed tends to be the same.

Social Media Advertising Platforms DRBRAND Helps Manage

From the explanation above, it can be concluded that there are many types of advertising on social media that you can choose to increase website traffic, which is undoubtedly helpful for your business. The question now is, what if it turns out that you can't install social media, even though you know that social media advertising services are needed for your business?

You don't have to worry because you can do it with the help of Drbrand where this one brand/brand consultant will help you to place ads on various social accounts easily and quickly.

There are several social media platforms that Drbrand can manage for this advertisement, including:

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Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads is a social media advertising service owned by Facebook. As is known, Facebook or what is now known as Meta is one of the platforms with the most users compared to other social media platforms.

Therefore, the Facebook Ads service is expected to be used by business people who also use the Facebook/Meta platform. For those who want ads from your business to be displayed on Facebook Ads, you can contact Drbrand because this brand consultant provides advertising services on the Facebook Ads platform.

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Instagram Ads

In addition to Facebook ads, Drbrand also provides advertising services on Instagram Ads. As is known, Instagram Ads is an advertising service owned by the Instagram platform.

The ad service is provided for Instagram users, one of the social media platforms with the second largest user after Facebook/Meta. In general, to create an Instagram Ad, first, you need to convert your Instagram account into a professional Instagram account.

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Google Ads

Google Ads, previously known as Google Adwords, is one of Google's social media advertising services platforms. You could say Google Ads is a platform owned by Google, which is Google's source of income from the advertising field.

The advertising system offered by Google Ads usually involves search engines for marketing and advertising. This method is often referred to as Search Engine Marketing (SEM). In this system, users will usually type a keyword in the search engine, where the search engine will process the search that leads to a business previously registered in Google Ads.

Broadly speaking, there are two ways offered by Google Ads to do advertising. Among them:

  • Pay For Million (PPM) system, which is one way of advertising where business owners will pay for ads that are served on Google Ads with a count per thousand impressions, as well as
  • Pay Per Click (PPC) system, where advertising costs will be charged to business owners when the ads served on Google Ads get clicks from the audience.

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Tiktok Ads

Judging from the name, it is clear that one of the advertisements on social media, TikTok Ads is indeed an advertising platform owned by TikTok. One of the reasons why TikTok Ads was created is because, until now, more and more people are already using TikTok. In other words, if you use TikTok Ads, the business you advertise on TikTok Ads has a great chance of being easily recognized by many people.

In general, there are five types of ads that you can use on Tiktok Ads. Among them:

  • Hashtag Challenge. This is the type of ad that appears on the discovery page. Where if you use this hashtag challenge, the ads you display on TikTok Ads will appear on the first page of the discovery
  • Brand Takeover. This type of ad will appear on your TikTok page as soon as you open a TikTok account. This type of takeover brand advertisement will usually appear on full screen, with a duration of between 3 to 5 minutes.
  • Top Views Ads. This type of ad in TikTok Ads will appear in the top feeds of your TikTok account. Usually, the ads shown will be served with a duration of up to 60 seconds.
  • In-Feed Videos. It is a type of advertisement on TikTok social media that will appear in the user's FYP, when the user scrolls through their TikTok account.
  • Branded Augmented Reality (AR). It is a type of ad that relies on stickers and filters. In other words, if an ad gets lots of filters and stickers from many users, then the brand awareness of the ad will increase.
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Youtube Ads

Apart from the ad platforms above, another platform that Drbrand can manage is Youtube Ads. If you are a Youtube user, and you see some ad impressions, then the ad is a number of ads that have been previously registered on Youtube Ads.

The types of ads offered by Youtube Ads include:

  • Skippable In-Stream Ads, which is a type of ad that is displayed with a duration ranging from 12 seconds to 3 minutes, and users can click the skip button right on the count of 5 seconds
  • Non-Skippable Ads. It is a type of ad that does not set a skip policy. So the user must see the ad until it's finished.
  • Discovery Ads. It is a type of advertisement on Youtube Ads that will appear on the search page and Youtube homepage.
  • Non-video Ads, which are types of ads in the form of images and text
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Linkedin Ads

Linkedin was originally a platform for job seekers, which featured some information about job vacancies. However, along with many users of this platform, Linkedin created a platform specifically intended for business owners who want to advertise, which became known as Linkedin Ads. Usually, the ads registered on Linkedin Ads appear when a user opens a Linkedin account.

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Twitter Ads

As the name suggests, Twitter Ads is an advertising platform owned by Twitter. In general, ads registered on Twitter Ads will appear on the user's timeline marked with an icon that says "promoted".

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Pinterest Ads

Another social media advertising service that Drbrand can manage. The advertising service in question is Pinterest Ads, an advertising platform owned by Pinterest. You can register an ad that you have created on Pinterest Ads in the form of a video.

Why Do You Need Social Media Advertising Services?

From the explanation above, it can be concluded that advertising on social media is profitable. Especially for business owners, who often do the business of buying and selling products and services. There are several reasons why you as a business owner need to use advertising services on various social media, including:

  • There are more and more social media users nowadays, even more, and more every day
  • Advertising on social media tends to be fast because users can immediately see the ads displayed when they open their social media accounts.
  • Advertising costs tend to be cheaper when compared to advertising in print and electronic media.
  • The target audience can be easily reached.
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