Redirect Link Website: 5 Technical SEO Best Practices

Redirect Link Website – is one of the SEO optimizations that is crucial for you. Have you ever clicked a website link, but the page where you should visit doesn’t exist? That is annoying, especially if the content on that page is something that you need. That is why you need to know and learn more about the Redirect Link Website. This article will help you to get to know more about this technique.

What is the Redirect Link Website?

redirect link website
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Redirect link website is a technique to create a connection between the old and unavailable URL to the new, working, and active URL. This can be done easily by using a simple line of code. Of course, if you don’t have knowledge or skill in web programming, this could be difficult to do. So, let the professional handle this matter.

However, as a website owner, especially if you use that website for business, you still need to know and understand the importance of this technique. It is because this technique will affect the SEO of your website or related page. So, it also causes some changes in how your visitors behave and experience when they visit your website.

In short, this technique replaces the old link with the new link. Many website owners use this practice with the 301 Redirect method, where you put the redirection command from the old to the new link. With this command, the visitor who visits the old page through their browser will arrive at the new page you have prepared before.

Why is Redirect Link Website Important for Beginner Business Owners?

Business owners, especially those who have just started a business, should focus on operating their business. So, why should you know about this redirection method? Here are several reasons that will help you understand why it is necessary for your business and its effect.

Better User Experiences

As mentioned earlier, it feels really annoying when you click a link to a website page where the content you need is available, but you find nothing there. It gives a bad user experience for your customer. They will think that your business can’t be trusted. Worst of all, your visitor could think that your business is a scam. That situation could create bad marketing that worsens your brand and business image.

Therefore, the redirection method will prevent that from happening. Your customer will get the page and information or content they need. That will make your customer happy. And, they can spread how good your service is to other people, which will be free marketing for your business.

Increase the Chance of Transactions Happen

By redirecting the old link to the new link, the customer will also find a page where they can buy the product they need. That means they don’t need to leave your website and go to other stores to get that product. That increases the chance of transaction occurrence rate for that product on that page.

Re-launch New Website

You may also need a Redirect Link Website for launching a new website. At the early stage of business, you will need a website with better performance than the test website. Most of the time, the business owner does this to expand their business or facilitate the increase in customer number.

Redirection is also necessary when you move your website to a new domain. For example, you change it from HTTP to HTTPS. Or, if you move your website to SSL, you also need to redirect the link in your website to the new one.

GEO-location Redirect

A beginner business owner might not need redirection for this purpose. However, when your business has grown bigger and reached a wider market range, you might need to think about a redirection method for this purpose.

This redirection means giving the customer the best experience by leading them to the local-based page. You design the page to be suitable for their needs, language, and trend in that area. Therefore, the satisfaction level will be much higher. Plus, if the visitor is not your customer, the conversion rate will also be much higher.

Device Targeting

You can redirect the visit based on the device that the customer used. Once again, you do this to give your customer the best experience. So, they can still get a similar thing even using a mobile device. Mostly, you use two methods for this redirection, which are HTTP redirects and JavaScript redirects.

How to do Redirect Link Website: Step by Step

redirect link website
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How to do this redirection? Here, we will give you a detailed step-by-step guide you can follow. Just a reminder here, some of these might sound technical. But, we will make it as easy to follow as possible. Let’s start!

  1. Log into cPanel. You can follow the instruction that the hosting you use gave.
  2. Once you open the cPanel window, scroll to the Domains section and then click Redirects.
  3. Choose the redirect type you want by clicking the button beside the “Type” word. You can use redirect 301 or 302.


  • 301 is a permanent redirect. Use it for website migration or something like that.
  • 302 is a temporary redirect. Use it when the page is under maintenance and will be back later.
  1. Choose the URL you want to redirect. You can find it below the Redirect Type menu.
  2. Then, type the new URL on the “redirect to” bar.
  3. Click the “Add” button on the bottom to finish.

When you finish the redirection process, you can’t change it back. You must delete the old setting to change or fix the wrong input. Then, apply the new settings. Therefore, you should put everything correctly before clicking the “Add” button.


In short, it is essential to make your SEO work smoothly, even when you change your domain or when a problem happens on the related page. For today’s business, where you need to act fast, you should use this method whenever you find something wrong on your website page. We hope you understand the Redirect Link Website and how to use it.

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