Importance of Link Building for SEO: 3 Reasons You Need to Know

Importance of Link Building for SEO – this could be one of the most essential knowledge areas that every business owner, especially those of you who have just started a business.

What is the Importance of Link Building? What kind of effect does it give on your business? How do we do that? We will find out all those answers in this article.

What is Link Building for SEO

Importance of Link Building for SEO
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Link building is an activity to get links from other websites that point to your website. An example is website A which includes a link to your website in one of its articles. Your site will be at the top of Google searches if you build a link inside. If the links are listed on any kind of website, it will get more that your site increase on the first page at Google.

The embedded link will be said as Backlink on your site. Backlinks are one of the main factors in Google’s SEO assessment. If your website has backlinks on other sites, then the SEO will be even better.

Types of Link Building in SEO

There are 3 types of link building that you should also know, namely:

1. Outreach Link Building

New or not well-known websites can use this type of link-building. This type of link requires you to find the website you are targeting as a link. You can get links from websites in the form of forum sites, and website directories, to websites in the form of blogs that you can work with for backlink placement.

Used on target sites on link building, because it will be relevant to your website. Often this link-building is in the form of articles that contain destination links.

2. Natural Link Building

Build your own natural link building because it is more flexible and is often considered the easiest and best. This type of link requires other people to include a link from your article or content.

There are also those who use this type of link as a statistic or infographic generator for a site. So, this type of link is a link that is voluntarily created by a website which then directs readers to the page written in the article.

3. False Link Building

It is because the goal is irrelevant and with the aim of attracting traffic only. These links are often found in the form of comment spam on blog sites or forum threads to paid backlinks. Avoid this, because it will potentially get a penalty and website deletion.

Why Link Building for SEO is Important for Beginner Business Owners

Importance of Link Building for SEO
Importance of Link Building for SEOPhotographer: Scott Graham | Source: Unsplash

Link building is one of the important aspects of off-page SEO techniques to help your website be at the top of Google search results. With link building, your website is easily detected by Google so that it is displayed on the first page of Google search results.

Therefore, you need to consider implementing this method so that your site can stand firmly in the top rankings of Google.

In addition, Link building is also one of the SEO parameters that never changes even though Google’s SEO algorithm is always changing. Quality backlinks will always be the main factor in Google’s assessment of search results. Backlinks will increase the credibility of your website because many other sites list it and make it a reference source.

Therefore, the more backlinks, the more quality your site will be. Your site will also be a role model for other websites. As a result, Google also prioritizes your website in the top search results because it considers your content to be quality.

As we explained earlier, good link-building is also related to high SEO value. Once you know what link building is and its benefits, you need to provide high-quality links that won’t stop providing data-related information. To make it, you also need calculations. Starting from the type, the place of the link, to the appropriate address placement.

Moreover, by having quality links, your website will also continue to get visitors for a long time. This is because of the potential for long-term promotion because the internet is a data source that continues to grow and has no time limit.

How to do Link Building for SEO

Step 1, Define the target market

The basic way to run quality link building for SEO is to determine your target market first. Who might be reading your content? What do they need from the content? What kind of language appeals to them?

Step 2, Create quality content in accordance with the authority

After knowing what the target market needs, it will be easier for you to create content that is more appropriate and on target.

The authority referred to here is for example the big theme of your website is health. If you suddenly write about taxation, it’s weird, right?

So, to optimize this business, use the principle of content design which basically puts the user first. Providing articles will create a friendly appearance for users, basically, everything is centered on them.

Since one of the main focuses of link building is site credibility, it is important to ensure quality content is always created.

Step 3, Focus on finding links from credible sites

As we mentioned earlier, search engines will prioritize links provided by credible sites with quality content. So, it’s not only your site that needs attention but also those who link to one of your pages.

Therefore, a powerful way that you can do link building is to contact credible sites with similar themes to your site. Share links that are of interest to them and are likely to be re-shared or even referenced in an article.

If you sell a product or service, try providing some kind of promotion so they can try it right away and then write about the product on their website.


When you build link building for SEO, it will be intended to collect as many quality backlinks as possible from credible and authorized sites. If you make it continues on your site, it will help you to build site authority, generate referral traffic, and have long-term promotions. Link building will also support the branding of the company itself so that it can be more popular.

Link building, like other components of SEO and marketing in general, will continue to change. Therefore, it is very important for you to follow the latest trends, always learn and improve the skills you have.

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