Content Audit SEO Metrics: Complete Guide You Need to Know

Content Audit SEO Metrics – is one of important steps in the SEO optimazation. If you are a blogger or SEO service provider, you probably already know that there are tons of optimization jobs that you must do. One of them is content audit SEO metrics. This step is necessary to make sure that each content on your website has met the SEO standards as well as your online marketing goals.

It is especially essential for optimizing on-page SEO. In this article, we will tell you anything you need to know about SEO content audit metrics.

What is Content Audit SEO Metrics?

SEO content audit is a comprehensive audit process or performance analysis of all content assets on your website. The goal of this process is to find out which content on your website has the best performance and poor performance. This way, you will be able to maintain good-performing content on your website. While for the poor-performing content, you can consider updating, consolidating, or deleting it.

The regular, proper application of SEO content audit will help your website to be healthier, meaning that there will be less poor-performing content on your website.

Why are Content Audit SEO Metrics for Beginner Business Owners?

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As it has been mentioned before, SEO content audit is necessary for making sure that your website content has fulfilled the SEO standards as well as your online marketing goals. Besides, this process can also bring other benefits, especially for business owners. Here they are.

Providing Produced Content Information

By doing content audits regularly, you will be able to get detailed information about the content you have produced and keywords you have used. So, you can plan other topics that you can discuss for your next content as a promotional tool for your business.

Identifying Irrelevant Content

It is important to make sure that all content on your business website is relevant with your business. On the other hand, there are many websites that have irrelevant content with their key niche. These irrelevant contents can reduce your website SEO value on search engines. Content audit SEO metrics can help you to identify which content on your website that is irrelevant with your business.

Providing Information About Website Content Performance

Content audit also provides you with information about the performance of each content on your website. So, you can decide what to do with the content. Good-performing content means that many of your customers love it so that you can opt for producing other similar content. For poor-performing content, you can merge it with other content to produce new content with more detailed, more relevant information.

How to Do Content Audit SEO Metrics Step-by-Step

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There are a number of SEO metrics on each of your website pages that you have to check. Here are the SEO metrics that you have to check and audit.

Organic Traffic

Organic traffic is the natural number of visits that your content page gets through the SERP without the help of ads. The number of organic traffic can also be used as a parameter of your content page performance in SERP. If your content does not get a good amount of organic traffic, this can be a sign that there are mistakes in the strategy or type of your content.

Tracking and checking on the number of organic traffic on each content page on your website will help you to find the content that needs to be updated or edited.

The number of Unique Visitors

Unique visitors are a term for new visitors who visit your website for the first time. The more unique visitors on your content page, this will increase the Return on Investment (ROI) value of your page. You can use this metric as a parameter to find out if your content manages to attract your targeted audiences.

Bounce Rate

The number of visitors who visit your website pages but leave without visiting other pages (bounce rate) indicates that your content has poor performance. Therefore, checking this metric is one of the crucial steps of content audit. By knowing the number of bounce rate of each page on your website, you will be able to know which content page you should fix or even delete.

In the SEO world itself, the good bounce rate for a website is around 26% to 70%. If your bounce rate exceeds 70%, it can be said that your content pages have poor performance.

Time on Page

Time on Page refers to how long visitors spend their time on your website. Checking this SEO metric will help you figure out the content performance on your website. For example, you have a 2500-word article, but the time on the page of the article is only around 18 seconds. Meaning that visitors spend only 18 seconds on that page.

It can be said that the content has poor performance. This is probably because the information or content provided does not answer visitors’ needs.

Traffic Source

In the content audit checklist, checking the traffic source of your website is important. This information will be the basis of a content marketing strategy to reach your website’s audiences or visitors. For example, if most of your traffic comes from Facebook and Twitter, then you can consider sharing your content more on these 2 social media platforms.

Checking your traffic source can also help you to find the strategy that you need to fix. For instance, from the content audit you do, you figure out that there is just little traffic coming from the newsletters you send to your audiences. This indicates that you need to restructure your newsletters.

That is everything you need to know about content audit SEO metrics. Content audit is helpful for determining if the content you have released brings good performance for your website or not. The parameters for this are various, ranging from bounce rates, traffic sources, organic traffic, and many more. Then, you can use the details resulting from the audit to create the next potential content for your business website.

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