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Have you heard of search engine optimization services (SEO) before? Believe it or not, this service can increase your website traffic. Thus, your business will benefit more from this SEO service.

search engine optimization

But what exactly is meant by this SEO service? and how are the SEO rules used to increase website traffic? You can find a full explanation by listening to some of the information below!

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What Is SEO / Search Engine Optimization?

The definition of Search Engine Optimization or better known as SEO is a process used to optimize the technical configuration of a website, the relevance of content, to the popularity of a link.

So that later, the pages of the website can be found more efficiently, more relevant, and maybe even more popular. Where later, the website can get a better ranking than before, which is where the search engine will give the best ranking.

A search engine will generally recommend this SEO service to increase website traffic. This is because, with this SEO, visitors/audiences will find it easier to find a page relevant to the keywords typed in the search field.

Not only that, but SEO also allows search engines to display the pages and content that visitors/users are looking for, which are relevant to the keywords used in the search.

Then how will the website owner obtain the benefits? Of course, using search engine optimization services (SEO), allows users/visitors, as well as audiences, to find website pages easily, which allows website traffic to increase quickly.

Not only that, but SEO also allows websites that use SEO (SEO-friendly) rules to get the best rankings, which will benefit the website owner's business.

Because as is known, with increased website traffic and good website rankings, it is possible for businesses that are promoted on a website to be easily recognized due to a large number of visits to the website.

The number of visits to the website will provide a significant enough opportunity for visitors/users, as well as audiences, to buy products/services sold on the website.

Broadly speaking, these SEO rules include using titles, meta descriptions, relevant keywords, subtitles (H2, H3, and H4), displaying descriptive URLs, using hyperlinks (internal links and backlinks), and other SEO rules.

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What Does Search Engine Optimization Do?

You could say SEO is a way to increase website traffic organically. In a sense, SEO is a way to increase website traffic naturally and naturally by relying on the SEO rules used.

It's different if you use other paid services, where the traffic increase process will be done instantly but seems forced. Search engine optimization services (SEO) require keywords, which search engines will process.

One example is when you type the keyword “shoes” in the search field; for example, the search engine will usually display several pages related to the keyword about the shoe.

Some of them may be web pages in the form of an advertisement/promotion of shoes, but others may be in the form of pages explaining the process of making shoes, as well as other related matters. That is why if you use SEO services, then the use of these keywords is highly recommended.

The pages displayed at the top are usually from websites with the best rankings and websites with quite a lot of traffic. In other words, the more visits to your website, the greater the chance that your website will rank in the top search engines. One way to increase website traffic is, of course, by using SEO services.

In general, there are several working systems of search engines for managing a keyword. Among them:

  • crawl. It is the process of collecting and storing pages from newly released websites.
  • indexing. It is the process of studying the structure and quality of a website, which is tailored to the needs of users/visitors, and
  • ranking. It is the process of ranking websites with a lot of traffic.

What Are The Types Of SEO?

Broadly speaking, search engine optimization services (SEO) are divided into several types. Where are all types of SEO used? to increase traffic from a website, which can make your business overgrow. The types of SEO include:

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On-page SEO

On-page SEO is a type of SEO that allows content/page to be easily found by search engines. Additionally, on-page SEO is usually chosen to look for opportunities so that the website can be included in the top-ranking list on search engines.

In other words, on-page SEO allows content to be SEO-friendly by displaying some SEO rules. The SEO rules that are often used in on-page SEO include:

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Content Title

The title is one of the essential factors in a content/article where visitors/users or audiences will read the title before reading the entire content of the content/article.

For this reason, in on-page SEO, title selection is essential. For that, it is essential to choose an exciting title that can make visitors/users interested in visiting the website and reading the content/articles created.

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Meta Description

The meta description is a description of the overall content of a content/article. In on-page SEO, the meta description is written clearly and represents the entire content.

Not only that, this meta description should be written in less than 150 characters.

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In addition to the two things above, images are essential things that must be in on-page SEO. Where the images used are images that can represent the content/articles created.

However, keep in mind that to display images, content creators should include the source of the image, so that later it will not be considered a crime, with accusations of stealing the image without the permission of the image owner.

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Internal Link

Internal links are links between the content created and other content on the same website. The linked content is content with almost the same (similar) themes, and topics as the content created. Internal links introduce the content created and linked to being easily read by users/website visitors.

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Descriptive URL

To make on-page SEO, it's a good idea. In addition to using the important things above, you can insert a descriptive URL address. This is done so that visitors/users/audiences can easily find the content/articles you create.

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Schema markup is defined as code that is used to make it easier for search engines to search. The code can be the admin name and the type of content created (eg recipes, tips, tutorials, reviews, and others).

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Off-page SEO

In addition to on-page SEO, other types of search engine optimization services can use our off-page SEO. This type of SEO is a way to increase website traffic by introducing content from outside.

In a sense, the content you create can be immediately recognized from the website or other content that uses a theme/topic relevant to the content you create. The SEO rules used in off-page SEO include:

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Link building is defined as links that point to content on other websites. The link content is content that uses the same theme/topic as the content you created.

In some SEO services, link building is often referred to as backlinks.

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Guest Post

Apart from link building, off-page SEO can also be recognized by the guest post service, where guest post service is defined you can upload the content you created on specific websites that provide guest post services.

Thus, website visitors can directly visit your website just by reading the content you post on the website.

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Sharing on Social Media

In addition to using the two methods above, off-page SEO can also be done by sharing content on social media. You can create content on your website and then share it on your social media accounts.

Thus, audiences on social media can directly connect and visit website pages and read the content you create. This method is considered the most effective way to introduce website content through an off-page SEO approach.

You can use social media accounts are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, and Telegram.

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Local SEO

Another type of SEO you can use to increase traffic from your website is the type of Local SEO. The hallmark of Local SEO is displaying the business on a search engine. So that visitors/users, and also the audience, can easily find the business they are looking for.

One example of local SEO is a number of businesses listed on Google Maps. You are not only looking for the location of the business but also can search for business descriptions and other information about the business efficiently.

Why Do You Need SEO Services?

From the explanation above, you can now learn about SEO's meaning, rules, and types. Not only that, but from the explanation above, you also now understand the importance of SEO for developing your business.

At least there are several reasons why you need to use search engine optimization services (SEO) for your business. Among them:

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Your website will earn more traffic

The first reason you need to use SEO services is that your website can get a lot of traffic with this SEO. With that much traffic, it will make it easier for your website to rank in the top search engines, which will make your business more well-known to many people.

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No need to pay for ad space

Keep in mind that using SEO services is generally accessible, aka free. Thus, you do not need to spend money if you do this SEO service. This is different from other paid traffic services, which require you to pay a monthly fee (subscription fee).

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It makes it easy for your target audience to find your site

Another reason why you need to use search engine optimization services is that this SEO service can make it easier for the target audience of your business to find your website just by typing keywords that are relevant to the content on your website.

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Boosts brand credibility and authority

In addition to a number of reasons above, another reason you need to use SEO services is that this can increase a brand's credibility and authority. This is because when the audience/visitors visit your website, that audience will get to know the business you run and the brand/brand of the products you sell on the website.

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