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Managing a successful business and getting high traffic on the way requires an intelligent branding strategy, one of which is doing press releases.

press release management

If you are not an expert in this field, you can use press releases and management services. Previously, you must first understand press releases and management in this article.

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What Is Press Release and Management

A press release is a recording or writing published directly by the media to announce something that is newsworthy or has news value so that it is published in the mass media.

Public Relations also uses press releases to convey information about events or performances through the media to the public.

The content conveyed from this press release must be made as attractive as possible so that it can steal the attention of mass media journalists and then broadcast or publish it. The press release is also the only tool used to generate publicity.

The Press Release comprises several categories ranging from general news releases, event press releases, new business launches, new product publications, and Partnership Press Releases to business rebranding.

To create a smooth and safe Press Release process, press release and management are needed.

Management itself is defined as managing or managing.

From a quote from the Encyclopedia Americana, management is defined as the art of coordinating the elements of the factors of production to achieve an organization's (defined) goals.

By this, it can be interpreted that press release management is the management of mass media, including the coordination of related elements in press or media publishing.

These elements include the Editorial Section and the (Business Department).

This editorial department covers reporting that contains journalists led by the Editor in Chief, Reporters or Photographers, and Correspondents.

While the business section is the marketing field which includes the Business Leader or Marketing Manager handling business affairs, sales, promotions, advertising, and circulation.

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Why does Press Release and Management benefit your business?

From the explanation above regarding press releases and management, there are a number of benefits that can be obtained by those of you who do this, including:

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digital marketing agency indonesia

Brand Awareness

The first benefit you can take, a businessman who does press releases, is to build brand awareness.

Generally, press releases are used in advertising or promoting the company's brand. Doing the proper press release can be an excellent opportunity for your business to introduce it to the public.

Especially if you do press releases by prioritizing the excellent image of your company, even frequently, this will instill brand awareness in the public. With increased brand awareness, more customers will buy your product.

Because brand awareness can influence consumers to buy or use what is marketed by your brand business even more optimistically, these consumers can subscribe to purchasing your brand's products. No matter where you are, your brand will still be selected. Brand awareness is an essential element that is used as a measure of the performance of a brand.

Increasing brand awareness among consumers will make your brand successful in obtaining various benefits. Be strong evidence that your company's brand can compete with other competitors.

Therefore, it is essential to do and choose a press release management service to increase brand awareness.

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Search Engine Result

No less profitable, the press release process can strengthen search engine results in the mass media. Press release content published through a website dramatically affects SEO. That is why it is so essential to manage press releases to create quality content.

The higher the quality of the content of a press release, the more search results can be generated, thereby making it easier for customers to reach.

Not only the quality of the content but also the place of publication become a significant influence in influencing search engine results or SEO.

A press release content requires a journalistic touch so that the content is said to be SEO Friendly content.

Press releases that use backlinks from sites with high authority in their content can be a good thing to improve search results. Unfortunately, some are strictly prohibited.

Therefore it is essential to choose and determine a professional press release and management service for the benefit of your own business.

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Brand Mention

Another thing that is no less important in conducting press releases is to create good brand mentions for your company.

Brand mentions are online references devoted to a brand, company or product of your business.

Brand mentions are usually found in a product review, social media post, blog, or news article, including this press release.

Brand mentions generally affect a company's brand reputation, so monitoring them continuously is essential. If brand mentions have negative values, you can deal with them as soon as possible.

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Doing press releases will create popularity and build relationships with the audience. This will undoubtedly create and maintain a good brand image for your company. That is why it is crucial to manage press releases and use a professional press release and management service to get the benefits. At least those are some benefits of using press releases and management for your business.

If you are not yet an expert in doing so, you can contact a press release service. This will get you:

  • Save Time and Energy
  • Broad Consumer Reach
  • Effective Marketing Strategy
  • An affordable price

Press Release and Management Drbrand Helps Manage

For those of you who are interested in Drbrand's services, at least Drbrand offers several press releases and management services, including:

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Global News Press Release

Those who need press releases globally can choose this one service. By choosing the Global News Press Release service, your broadcasts can be reached globally (all regions), so your brand will be more widely known.

If your product still needs a broader following from all corners globally, you can consider this one service.

This is the most common form of press release. Usually, this type of press release contains news about an event.

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Local News Press Release

In contrast to the Global News service, Local News Press Releases are narrower in scope. Where indeed you need this news announcement only for specific locations, it doesn't need to be done globally. So this local news service can be the method of choice for the process of sustaining your press release.

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digital marketing agency indonesia

Guest Post

Apart from the press release and management services, Guest Post is a strategy used to promote a site by becoming a contributing writer on other sites, including a company brand site.

This guest post offers a variety of niche audiences, ranging from:

  • Promotion of a brand or business,
  • Increase the popularity of quality backlinks,
  • Increase DA or/and PA,
  • Build and Improve Brand Awareness,
  • Increase the audience or website visitors,
  • Expanding the brand market sector,
  • Improve Keyword Ranking and,
  • Increase Business Turnover.
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Content Distribution

Content distribution is a content provider publishes and promotes a brand to its audience through various media and platforms. The content in question can be a video, ebook, blog, infographic, product update, podcast, Case Studio, etc. Like press releases, content distribution also functions in marketing products or business branding. Those are some of the services provided by Drbrand in improving the branding of your business or company. From several services provided by Drbrand, you can choose any or all of the available press releases and management services.

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