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In addition to developing a business soon, managing a business on a website can also increase traffic from the website itself. If you know that SEO can increase traffic all this time, then there is the easiest way. One of them is paid advertising (PPC) services.

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With this advertising service, you can not only introduce your business but can increase website traffic easily and quickly. Even much faster than how to increase traffic offered by SEO strategies. But what are the platforms used for the installation of paid ads? Here is the explanation!

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What Is Pay Per Click (PPC)?

Apart from using SEO, which is a way to increase traffic organically, there are other ways that are believed to be easier and faster to increase website traffic and introduce business to internet users.

The method in question is paid to advertise, one of which is with PPC services. What is meant by this PPC?

Let's find out the information through the following discussion.

PPC stands for Pay Per Click, a method of placing ads with a payment system charged for each click. In a sense, when you use paid advertising (PPC) services, you only need to pay a fee, which is determined by each click made by the audience.

One example is when your ad is shown on social media or on the audience's website, you don't have to pay right away. Unless that audience clicks on the ad, then the count per click will be included in the payment of advertising costs, which you have to pay later.

But actually, that's not all; in general, the calculation of the cost of paid advertising (PPC) is determined using a general formula, which in that formula will determine the cost per impression (cost per impression = CPI), which will later be divided by the ratio /number of clicks earned in click-through rate calculated as a percentage. More details can be seen in the formula below.

 Paid Advertising Cost (PPC) = CPI : %CTR

In other words, when you use paid advertising (PPC) services, you are not necessarily required to pay for every advertisement displayed. Instead, you only have to pay for the number of ads that get clicks from your audience while the ads are being served.

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Why are Pay Per Click Advertising Services beneficial for your business?

Unlike other advertising services, paid advertising services are very useful for business owners. Why is that? At least several reasons make paid advertising services worth choosing to grow your business. Among them:

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digital marketing agency indonesia


As explained above, the cost for paid advertising services in the form of PPC is determined by the number of clicks obtained from each ad served. In a sense, if the audience does not click the ad, you don't have to pay the cost of installing the ad. Therefore, this PPC service will save you more costs because you don't have to pay for advertising in its entirety.

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Targeted audience

In general, the audience who clicks on the advertisement that is displayed is the audience who is interested in the product/service of the advertisement that is displayed. Where this will also be in accordance with the target that you have previously set, which is to attract an audience, which is indeed suitable and interested in the products/services offered in the paid advertisement.

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Boost Revenue

Placing advertisements online, of course, can increase business income. It's just that, if you use paid advertising (PPC) services, then the potential to earn income will be much easier and faster.

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Deliver fast results

Each ad that is served on a paid advertising service will usually appear on every page that is opened by the audience. Thus, the opportunity for the audience to buy the products/services displayed in the advertisements will be wide open.

Not only that, in general, each paid advertisement will provide information about how to order. So that audiences interested in the advertised product/service can immediately place an order directly, which can be said to provide faster results for the continuity of your business.

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PPC Ad Platforms Drbrand Helps Manage

Drbrand is a brand consultant who handles paid advertising services, one of which is PPC services. In a sense, if you want your business to be able to appear in paid advertising services in the form of PPC, while you don't know how to do it, then you can contact Drbrand.

Several PPC platforms can be managed/handled by Drbrand, including:

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Google Adwords

Google Adwords is one of the advertising platforms owned by Google. One of the advertising systems offered by Google Adwords is a paid advertising service in the form of Pay Per Click (PPC).

With this service, the ads that you register on Google Adwords will automatically appear on several Google search pages, which are being opened by the audience. Although the ad appears on the audience's page, the payment itself depends on the number of clicks made by the audience.

In addition to PPC advertising services, Google Adwords also offers other paid advertising services, known as Pay Per Million (PPM) advertising services, where the payment system will be calculated for every 1,000 impressions.

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Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads is one of the paid advertising platforms that you can choose from. Especially for those of you who are Facebook account users, which is the social media platform with the most users to date.

In general, PPC ads served on Facebook will appear on the right side of the Facebook page that is currently being viewed by the audience. In other words, Facebook account users who are currently opening their Facebook account can easily see, or click on the ads that are displayed on their Facebook page.

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Instagram Ads

In addition to the two platforms above, another PPC platform that Drbrand can manage is Instagram Ads. Where Instagram Ads are paid advertising (PPC) services owned by Instagram. In general, ads registered with Instagram Ads will appear on the feed and stories pages of Instagram account users.

That's the reason why before you use this Instagram Ads service, first, you need to create an Instagram account and turn it into a business account. But if you can't do it yourself, don't worry, because Drbrand will do it for you.

In practice, ad payments through Instagram Ads are almost the same as the cost of other PPC subscription ads. Advertising costs will be charged to the client/business owner, when the audience clicks on the ad displayed through the Instagram feed or stories.

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Twitter Ads

Twitter Ads is another PPC platform that you can choose with the help of Drbrand. Where Twitter owns this PPC platform. In the process, the installation of PPC ads on Twitter Ads will appear on the user's timeline, which is marked with a "promoted" icon, as well as a "promoted" icon.

Even though the ad has served on the Twitter user's timeline, it doesn't mean that you have to make a payment immediately based on the number of impressions of the ad. Because advertising costs will usually be determined by the number of impressions that get clicks from Twitter users. So if the ad has not yet received a click, then, of course, you will not be required to pay for the ad.

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Linkedin Ads

Another PPC advertising platform you can choose in addition to the above platforms is Linkedin Ads. Linkedin owns this paid advertising platform. As is known, Linkedin is a platform created for job seekers and recruitment, which contains information about job vacancies.

In other words, when you register an ad on Linkedin Ads, it will automatically be seen by job seekers and recruiters. In the future, job seekers and recruitment will be your primary target to click on the displayed ads.

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Youtube Ads

In addition to showing some videos, Youtube also provides a unique space for business owners to promote their businesses through the Youtube Ads platform.

In general, paid advertising services in the form of PPC on Youtube Ads can be seen by the audience when they are playing around videos. Neither the ones that appear before nor in the middle of the video.

Usually, the fees charged by the client/business owner will be determined by the number of clicks or skips made by the audience. Thus, the number of skips and clicks will affect the advertising costs that you have to pay later, but at the same time becomes one of the determining factors that can increase traffic from your website.

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Pinterest Ads

Of the many PPC platforms that have been discussed above, one more PPC platform that you can choose is through Drbrand services. The platform in question is Pinterest Ads, which is an advertising platform owned by Pinterest.

As is known, Pinterest is a special platform intended for photography lovers, who want to find or sell various photography results with the best quality.

But not only that, with this PPC Pinterest Ads advertising service, photography lovers can not only see images/photos with the best quality. But you can also see a number of advertisements that are displayed.

Not just being seen/watched, Pinterest users also have the opportunity to click on the ad, which can later affect the advertising costs paid, as well as determine the continuity of the business owned by the advertiser/client.

Why do you need Paid Advertising (PPC) services?

As explained above, this paid advertising service in the form of PPC is very suitable for business owners. In other words, if you are a business person who has a business that has enough potential to be promoted, then this paid service in the form of PPC will be perfect for you.

Not only that, but this PPC advertising service will also be very suitable for those of you who are novice businessmen. In a sense, PPC paid advertising is very relevant to be chosen by business people who are just starting their businesses.

Because as is known, to introduce the company they pioneered, business owners need to do several promotions. Because in general, promotion through other media can require a long process and results, so it is different if you use a paid advertising service with this PPC system.

The ads will appear on every page of the platform you choose so that the opportunity for these ads to be seen and clicked by the audience will be wide open. Later, by clicking on the ad, the audience can indirectly get to know the new business you are running.

In other words, paid advertising (PPC) services are suitable for professional business people and beginners. Install the Paid PPC and contact DRBRAND Agency for help. 

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