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The more modern the current era, the more ways you can increase traffic or business or company targets, one of which is by relying on influencers.

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However, few people have expertise in managing influencers, so that you can use KOL influencer management services.

But first, understand what KOL is and how important it is to use the KOL influencer management techniques below.

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What Is KOL Influencer Management?

KOL is an abbreviation of Key Opinion Leader, someone who has expertise in a particular industry and makes his opinion heard by the public. That's why KOL influencers are so important in branding. An influencer used in branding is someone who, in the real world, is a person who is respected and trusted so that communication can be trusted.

Active campaign alerts explained that KOL management is a way or action taken by companies to manage their marketing initiatives with KOLs (Key Opinion Leaders) and their audiences.

If the management of KOL is done well, it will create a real connection between the company and KOL in promoting their brand.

However, you must remember that managing KOL influencers cannot be done arbitrarily. Therefore only people with specific skills can manage it.

A KOL influencer management service itself has crucial tasks, including:

  • Perform identification;
  • Doing mapping;
  • Planning and involvement of KOL in all areas of marketing, including digital marketing.
  • Management of offerings and managing the results of marketing campaigns involving KOL.

With KOL management, we can create practical and better marketing or branding.

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Why is KOL Influencer Management beneficial for your business?

Many reasons make you, as a company or brand owner, required to organise and manage good KOL Influencer management, which include the following:

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Reach a more specific target audience

Relying on good KOL management, you can build a more specific reach. When a brand improves KOL management by selecting KOLs relevant to the promoted product, it will have a higher chance of targeting customer accuracy.

For example, you market a Pet Shop product which then selects KOLs who are famous for their adorable cat content; then, with this, the targeted audience is those who are pet owners.


With KOL influencers relevant to the products being marketed and professional KOL influencer management services, it will create a more specific target audience.

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Gain credibility from expert

Don't choose the wrong KOL influencer. Because if you choose the wrong character who cooks for your brand can make your company's image decline, and choosing respected influencers will make us good. It's not only a matter of who is the speaker introducing your product but also how they present your product.

Therefore, it is essential to carry out good and proper KOL management. Thus the audience can trust the product being marketed or promoted. Audiences talking about your product or followers of influencers who convey information related to your product can trust your body because of how KOL is managed thoughtfully, especially if the public highly respects the influencer figure chosen.

Therefore, it is essential to process the right KOL influencers.

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Word-of-mouth marketing

If the processing of KOL influencers is carried out professionally and correctly, then being able to create a sense of trust embedded in the audience will result in a word-of-mouth marketing strategy unconsciously. The meaning of word of mouth is where the audience or target customers provide information to other consumers (colleagues) about your brand's products.

When your client is interested and tries a product or service that is marketed, and the results are satisfactory, without realising it, the client will recommend your brand product to his colleagues or family. Of course, this will be very beneficial for your company brand. The brand will be increasingly known and trusted by many people. This ends in the realised marketing targets.

Therefore, it is crucial to choose KOL influencer management services for the business you run. With effective KOL management, your brand will be one step ahead.

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Brand Awareness

Good management of KOL Influencers will also impact the brand business, even your company. Where KOL, which has many followers, interacts so that it can get to know the audience quickly, this will significantly help your company increase Brand Awareness.

In addition, according to Revu's delivery, KOL management has many advantages, one of which is that KOL management is used as a form of company anticipation in maintaining the company's name and/or brand voice inside. By choosing the right KOL influencer management services relevant to your company's products or services, you can create brand awareness for customers.

In short, by instilling customer brand awareness of your company's products or services, wherever these customers are, they will still have your company's brand. Well, at least those are 4 points that are why you must have good KOL influencer management. Thus this will also provide advantages for brand owners. If you are not yet an expert in managing KOL Influencers, Drbrand can help you do that.

KOL Platforms Drbrand Helps Manage

Dr brand provides KOL influencer management services specifically for the business you run. Some of the services provided by Drbrand include the following:

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Facebook KOL Influencer

Facebook, one of the most famous media on earth, can also be used to brand company products. Drbrand provides special services for those who want to market products on Facebook social media so that their products can reach many audiences.

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Instagram KOL Influencer

Drbrand presents a special KOL (Key Opinion Leader) service for social media called Instagram. You can use KOL's Instagram service to reach the target audience of those who want to market business products.

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YouTube KOL Influencer

Not wanting to be outdone by other social media platforms, YouTube is also here to be a place that can be used to introduce products attractively so that the audience wants to use your products. Therefore, Drbrand provides special Youtube KOL services for you.

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TikTok KOL Influencer

TikTok has recently become a platform that is no less popular, becoming one of the most entertaining social media applications for users. No wonder Tik Tok users are not inferior to other platforms.

Thus, Tik Tok is one of the exciting roles to market your company brand by relying on KOL. That's the KOL influencer management services provided by Drbrand.

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Blogger Influencer

Blogger or website is one of the reliable platforms for marketing products, especially since everyone can reach this blogger through search engines. With the help of management, if you have a good influencer, your company's branding can run effectively.

So, those are some of the KOL influencer management services you can get from DrBrand.

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Don't delay. Let's use your business to compete with competitors through good KOL influencer management services.

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