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The best Social Media Agency in Surabaya – Surabaya might be the “New York” of Indonesia. Jakarta is definitely a mix of Los Angeles and Washington – being the capital and an economic powerhouse. Despite that, Surabaya is a major port city with a lot of market potential.

In this piece, we will try to give you some understanding of the digital market landscape in the Surabaya area so you can direct your business success in the local area there with the Best Social Media Agency in Surabaya.

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Social Media Statistics Surabaya

Best Social Media Agency In Surabaya
Source : Hootsuite (We Are Social) 2023

Best Social Media Agency in Surabaya – Surabaya, as the second-largest city in Indonesia, has experienced a significant increase in internet penetration. The availability of affordable smartphones and improved internet infrastructure has led to a larger population accessing the internet and engaging in online activities.

1. Internet use in Surabaya

Surabaya has a vibrant digital ecosystem with a demand for localized content. Best Social Media Agency in Surabaya. hat create and distribute content in the local language and cater to the specific interests and preferences of Surabaya residents have the potential to gain a competitive advantage and engage with the target audience more effectively.

According to data by Statista, three out of four Surabaya resident is an internet users. This makes the social media landscape very broad in Surabaya, although certain areas are more frequent rather than others.

2. How are users distributed in Surabaya?

Internet in Surabaya is often focused on business centers, academic sites, and also affluent areas. Public internet coverage in the city of Surabaya continues to be expanded. The target is that all public places are connected to the internet. The addition of the facility aims to provide comfort to visitors.

Currently, as many as 150 public facilities in Surabaya have connected internet services. For example, in city parks, broadband learning centers (BLC), and culinary tourism centers (SWK) in urban villages.

Ease of internet access is an important factor because in the future Surabaya will become a digital city. “In fact, there is a market that we provide that facility in the vision of its government.

Internet facilities in public areas continue to be improved in line with the addition of public spaces. For example, in Surabaya Square and labor-intensive houses. Almost all public services are online. The best Social Media Agency in Surabaya will help you understand this. 

Best Social Media Agency in Surabaya – The adoption of digital payment methods, such as mobile wallets and online banking, has been increasing in Surabaya. Consumers are becoming more comfortable with making online transactions, leading to an expansion in digital payment services. Businesses that offer secure and convenient payment options can tap into this growing trend and cater to the preferences of Surabaya’s digitally-savvy consumers.

The increasing use of the Internet to do all things in Surabaya means that the adoption of mobile phones, the internet, and computers, in general, are increasing rapidly. it is important to note that it isn’t the innovation of new things that drives a city’s overall progress. But the widespread use of last year’s tech went even cheaper.

Services Offered by The Best Social Media Agency in Surabaya

Best Social Media Agency In Surabaya
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1. Social media strategy development

Best Social Media Agency in Surabaya – Different regions and localities have unique demographics, cultural nuances, and preferences. By implementing a localized social media strategy, businesses can tailor their content and messaging to resonate with the specific target audience in each market. This approach allows for more effective communication, better engagement, and increased relevance, improving brand perception and customer loyalty.

2. Content creation and management

Best Social Media Agency in Surabaya – Language plays a significant role in social media content. A localized understanding helps in crafting content that uses appropriate language, tone, and style, ensuring that the message is clear and relatable to the local audience. 

Social media thrives on current trends and events. Understanding local trends, holidays, festivals, and news allows businesses to create content that is timely and relevant. By leveraging these local elements, businesses can join conversations, tap into the local sentiment, and demonstrate their awareness and involvement in the local community.

3. Community engagement and customer support

Best Social Media Agency in Surabaya – A social media agency can help businesses understand the local culture, customs, and social norms of the target market. This understanding allows them to tailor community management strategies to align with the preferences and sensitivities of the local audience. 

They can provide guidance on appropriate communication styles, topics, and engagement practices that resonate with the local community.

They monitor social media channels for brand mentions and sentiment analysis, identifying any potential issues or negative feedback. They can provide guidance on addressing these concerns effectively, mitigating any potential damage to the brand’s reputation, and maintaining a positive image within the local community.

4. Social media advertising campaigns

One of the key aspects of a localized campaign is adapting the content to resonate with the local audience. The best Social Media Agency in Surabaya can help translate and adapt campaign messages, visuals, and creative elements to the local language and cultural context. They ensure that the content is culturally relevant, relatable, and engaging to the target audience.

Based on the market research findings, the social media agency will develop a tailored campaign strategy that aligns with the local market. This strategy outlines the campaign objectives, target audience, key messaging, content approach, and desired outcomes.

The best Social Media Agency in Surabaya will assist in adapting the campaign content to resonate with the local audience. This involves translating and adapting messages, visuals, and creative elements to the local language and cultural context. They ensure that the content is culturally relevant, relatable, and engaging for the target audience.

1. Influencer marketing and collaborations

Best Social Media Agency in Surabaya – Although they have similar markets and of course every city has its influencers, there’s an iconic part of Surabaya influencers. You might also say that this is a thing that’s unique about Surabaya KOLs: The archetype of Crazy Rich Surabaya.

“Crazy Rich Surabaya” refers to individuals from Surabaya, a city in Indonesia, who are known for their extravagant lifestyles and significant wealth. The term is inspired by the book and movie “Crazy Rich Asians,” which portrays the opulent lives of wealthy individuals in Singapore.

While some individuals in Surabaya may be referred to as “Crazy Rich Surabaya,” it is not a specific group or community of influencers. Instead, it is a colloquial term used to describe affluent individuals from Surabaya who showcases their luxurious lifestyles through social media or other platforms.

2. Personalization and customer experience

Best Social Media Agency in Surabaya – The agency will create customized and localized creative assets for the campaign, such as images, videos, infographics, or interactive content. These assets will be designed to resonate with the local audience, incorporating local visuals, references, and cultural elements. The creative development will be aligned with the campaign objectives and messaging.

3. AI and automation in social media management

AI algorithms can analyze vast amounts of data, including social media trends, user behavior, and engagement metrics, to curate relevant and personalized content. 

This helps agencies identify popular topics, discover user-generated content, and select the most suitable range to share with their audience. AI can streamline the content curation process by providing valuable insights and recommendations.

Best Social Media Agency in Surabaya – AI-powered social media management platforms can automate the scheduling and publishing of content across multiple social media channels. These tools can analyze the optimal times for posting based on user engagement patterns, demographics, and platform algorithms. By using AI, agencies can ensure that their content reaches the audience at the most opportune moments, increasing visibility and engagement.

Most Used Social Media Platforms In Surabaya

Best Social Media Agency In Surabaya
Source: Hootsuite (We Are Social) 2023

Best Social Media Agency in Surabaya – These are the list of how the Surabaya market utilizes digital media both for personal and professional 

1. Facebook Overview In Surabaya

Facebook is still dominating young people’s interactions in Indonesia. Facebook is where younger people and the elderly got their news from. about 600.000 shares happened every 5 minutes. 

Another dominant feature of Facebook is the community or groups. Which often host live video to sell stuff inside the group.

2. Instagram Overview In Surabaya

Instagram is very popular in Surabaya as commonly found in Indonesia. The growth of Instagram as a marketplace is also brewing as the usual marketplace is charging higher fees.

3. Twitter Overview In Surabaya

Twitter is very active in Indonesia, although not many businesses are utilizing it to its maximum potential. This is because Twitter is mostly known as a battleground about controversial topics.

4. Linkedin Overview In Surabaya

Linkedin usage is growing in Surabaya, although about 60% of them are used by students. It has slightly more B2B users in Surabaya rather than in Jakarta as Surabaya is also a bay area community.

5. Pinterest Overview In Surabaya

Pinterest is popular for finding inspiration, planning events, and discovering new interests. It is often used by individuals for hobbies, DIY projects, fashion, recipes, and home decor.

6. Youtube Overview In Surabaya

Youtube is often used in Surabaya as an entertainment platform, but also there’s a growing number of self-help and business-based influencers who resides in Surabaya that are teaching people about marketing or basic business advice.

7. Whatsapp Overview In Surabaya

WhatsApp is arguably the most used communication platform in all social media around Indonesia. This rings true as well in Surabaya as 71% of its overall users voted WhatsApp as the go-to app.

DRBRAND: Social Media Agency In Surabaya

Surabaya is a vibrant city full of potential, but you need to remember the communications work that needed to be done in order to achieve success there. 

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