Best SEO Agency In Jakarta: Why It Is Important to Consider

Best SEO agency in Jakarta – Lots of businesses use internet marketing to boost the popularity of their websites by providing information that makes it easier for someone to find the news or articles they want with the help of the right keywords.

Information, products, services, and references can be easily accessed with just one click on your smartphone or laptop. One technique that can increase the popularity of online businesses is SEO (Search Engine Optimization) techniques.

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This technique is an attempt to increase the number of visitors to your website and optimize website ranking on search pages. In other words, SEO will make it easier for your website to be found on search pages.

Here are some things you need to know if you want to optimize your success with the best SEO agency in Jakarta

The Role of SEO in Digital Marketing

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization which is a technique used to optimize a website to make it easier for search engines to find pages/websites and place them on the first page of search engines with keywords specified by the user.

The best SEO agency in Jakarta can do the SEO optimization for you, meaning you have made your online business more credible (can be trusted). Because in SEO optimization, the website will have better quality.

Starting from quality content, responsive website design, good website performance, etc. SEO will also make your website rank first in Google search results.

Now, having a quality website that appears on the first page of Google search results will certainly make consumers trust your business.

Understanding the Jakarta SEO Landscape

The SEO landscape is essentially the market or the interests of people within the specific SEO landscape. It is important to understand this to make your content relatable and relevant.

Although the Jakarta residents are not homogenous, there are some divisions that we could identify:

If you’re looking to promote Southern Jakarta business, the people there are often identified as middle-class to upper-class. The nightlife topics, entertainment, and modern urban life is prevalent here.

The Northern Jakarta and Central Jakarta area is comprised of marine life, Chinese Indonesian business conglomerates in the district of PIK and Pluit, and more.

Heading West and East, these are mostly associated with the Tangerang area and are primarily suburban residences, where your audience is households mothers. 

The best SEO agency in Jakarta will understand the importance of targeting and will give you specific instructions on how to do SEO in certain areas differently.

Best SEO Agency In Jakarta
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These are some of the trends that might come in handy to know in doing SEO in Jakarta:

1. Talking About Well Being

Best SEO agency in Jakarta – Indonesians are redefining what well-being means for them, from taking care of their mental health to prioritizing self-care.

Well-being conversations are growing (+17%) on SEO. This topic is constantly evolving and is not limited to health or maintaining health.

The top sub-pillars to emerge from the well-being conversation are Embracing Self-Care (+23%) and Mental Health Matters (+17%).

As the conversation increases; Indonesians seek support, reassurance, and advice from community members, and find strength in each other by sharing experiences.

2. Creator Culture

With more time spent at home, Indonesian creativity is creating a new generation of entrepreneurs, content creators, and people who want to make a difference to achieve a common goal.

Through SEO, people pursue what they are passionate about, hone skills, inspire one another, and form communities based on their talents and interests. There is a 33% growth in conversations around content creators.

Aspiring Makers (+34%), Conscious Creator (+29%), and Creativity at Home (+50%) are sub-pillars of the Creator Culture trend.

Every day, people need to express their creativity – and they turn to SEO to express themselves.

3. Everyday Wonder

Best SEO agency in Jakarta – Indonesians are always interested in phenomena in their daily life (everyday wonder). Starting from the supernatural world, astrology, to folklore.

They talk about these topics on SEO and share entertainment with their communities. These conversations increased by 19%.

Meanwhile, Imaginative Escapism (+30%), Acting on Astrology (+33%), and Wisdom of Myth and Folklore (+20%) are the top sub-pillars in this trend.

4. Tech Talks

Best SEO agency in Jakarta – Tech Life is the trend with the highest conversation growth on SEO in Indonesia (89%). One of the factors driving this is the integration of technology into everyday life.

With e-commerce increasingly dominating Indonesia in recent years, conversations around e-commerce have increased by 254%.

High technology adoption in 2020 has also paved the way for many e-commerce players to carry out various innovations.

Conversations around access to knowledge and learning opportunities have also increased (+38%). This is supported by technology, making it easier for Indonesians to get information, learn new things, and share ideas.

The Benefits of Working with The Best SEO Agency in Jakarta

Best SEO Agency In Jakarta
Source: Vecteezy

Best SEO agency in Jakarta – You need to know that many large companies have collaborated with digital marketing agents to present the best marketing. Besides that, there are also many reasons why cooperation is needed.

1. Best SEO agency in Jakarta Has a Professional Team

The first reason is that the best SEO agency in Jakarta has a professional team. Generally, the team has honed their skills and built work experience in the field of marketing, so they can present the best marketing.

2. Relying on the Experience of the Agency Team

The best SEO agency in Jakarta has certainly handled many clients throughout the agency’s existence. This experience has made the team capable of managing digital marketing activities with relevant concepts.

As you know, the form of promotion is always evolving from year to year. Based on experience, the digital marketing agency team will continue to grow and follow consumer interests to present the most appropriate promotional methods.

3. Agencies Provide Complete Resources

An agency has complete resources related to digital marketing. So, clients can request the desired type of promotion. Then, the team will work based on the client’s request.

4. Agencies Work by Order

Best SEO agency in Jakarta – Furthermore, the digital marketing agency team will work effectively and efficiently based on client requests, so companies don’t need to think about whether the results will be bad or good because they are already professionals.

This will be different if the company recruits employees specifically in the digital marketing field. Because, if there is no experience, the performance results are likely to be unsatisfactory.

Factors to Consider When Selecting an SEO Agency

There are several factors to consider in picking the right SE agency for you:

The Leader

The leader is the person who owns, or runs the best SEO agency in Jakarta. This is very important because his attitude will represent the whole thing forward. Find a leader that’s cooperative, understanding, and reliable


The traces and experience could be valued from their portfolio. What are their previous clients? Have they displayed an understanding to handle a business of your scale and field?

The Price and Value

It all came to this, how much money have you given and how much will you get back in return? always ask for an ROI report, as transparent as possible.

DRBRAND: SEO Agency In Jakarta

Best SEO Agency In Jakarta
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If you are looking to optimize and reach new heights of success through SEO, DRBRAND will be the best fit for you. One of the best SEO agencies in Jakarta wIth the combined experience of its staff and senior management, there will be a positive impact on your business by unlocking success through SEO.

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The best decision is to open up to us on how we could know you better, and find the perfect solution for you. Why don’t we start your success journey by clicking on the contact us button?

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