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DRBRAND is a marketing agency built on a foundation of trust and hard work. We do our due diligence and analyze our clients campaigns to ensure maximum ROI.

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Search Engine Optimization

We will provide you with a bunch of amazing tactics that you can actually use to ensure that your rankings are increased on Google search results in the best way.

Social Media Advertising

Well, we have a plan for that and you need only our help for that. With help from Social Media Optimization Agency, You’ll get what you want.

Social Media Management

Social media has become a significant player for many business marketing campaigns, which is why it is so vital to ensure that your various social media platforms.

Paid Advertising (PPC)

We are here to make this strategy a bit useful and profitable for you. we are going to give your landing pages a boost so that you can have the full benefit for sure.

Viral Giveaway Management

Viral Giveaway Management Service can build more traffic for your website and brand where this method provides incentives to potential customers

Influencer Management

Influencer marketing campaigns allow influencers to connect with your target audience to increase your brand awareness, reach and ultimately, sales.

Web Design & Development

We will provide you with a bunch of amazing tactics that you can actually use to ensure that your rankings are increased on Google search results in the best way.

Press Release Media

Press release service is a content placement service to national and regional media with the aim of reporting official & important information to the public.

Lead Generation

We will provide you with a bunch of amazing tactics that you can actually use to ensure that your rankings are increased on Google search results in the best way.

Email Marketing

Of all of the available digital marketing channels, email provides you with the maximum return on your investment.

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How long has DRBRAND been in business?

As an agency, we’ve been delivering our expert digital marketing service since 2009. Before we were DRBRAND

What services does DRBRAND offer?

We’re an integrated digital marketing agency. Our services include SEO, PPC & Biddable Media, Social Media, Content Marketing, Digital Strategy, and Data & Analytics. We offer flexible digital marketing packages for every business need. We can focus on any one of our services as a stand-alone service, for example, PPC or Social Media. Alternatively, we offer an integrated digital marketing service that includes all or several of our services used strategically together to achieve the best results possible. You can learn about our integrated digital marketing service here.

Why use DRBRAND when my business can hire a digital marketing person in-house?

Compared to an employee who has a broad knowledge of digital marketing, our team of 12 digital experts is each experienced and accredited specialist in their particular area of digital marketing. Our experts are leaders in their fields when it comes to SEO, PPC & Biddable Media, Social Media, Content Marketing, Digital Strategy, and Data & Analytics.

With the help of a Digital Strategy expert, our team members share knowledge between themselves to make sure all your digital channels work together in a joined-up approach and achieve more for you. We like to think of ourselves as an extension of your team, offering skills you can’t recreate it in-house.

Why should I choose a niche digital marketing agency like DRBRAND over a full-service agency?

Since we started 12 years ago, we’ve chosen to stay in our own lane. Instead of diluting our digital marketing service with extra offerings like web design and development, we’ve focused on growing and enhancing it.

As a result, we’re truly experts in our field and are bang up-to-date with the industry. We can provide you with an unrivaled digital marketing service that many bigger, full-service agencies can’t offer.

For the services we don’t offer, we can recommend a number of trusted, specialized partner agencies. If you’d prefer just to have contact with one agency then we can manage this relationship on your behalf

Will DRBRAND share what is being done on my website and the reasons why?

Always. We pride ourselves on transparency and we’ll always take the time to explain the work we do, any changes to your website we make, and the reasons behind them.

Is all the work done in-house by the DRBRAND team?

Yes, every service we offer is completed by the DRBRAND team. When needed, we call upon our trusted network of graphic designers, illustrators, web developers, and video producers to help with projects that can help enhance your digital marketing activity.

My business is based in the USA, DRBRAND is based in Indonesia. Does this matter?

Where your business is located doesn’t really matter when it comes to the work that we do. In fact, we work with clients across the whole of the USA. When it comes to communication, we aim to see our local clients for frequent face-to-face

meetings, but we still arrange regular calls for our clients who are a bit further away. On top of that, we’ll travel to see you for quarterly or biannual face-to-face meetings.

How will DRBRAND get to understand my business?

Getting to truly understand your business is something we take very seriously at DRBRAND. We dedicate a great amount of time to getting to know you and your business so that we

come up with the most effective digital marketing strategy possible.

We do this by talking to you and your team at your project’s kick-off meeting. In this meeting, we aim to get as much information about the business as possible by interviewing you about your offering. Aside from that, we also do a lot of research into your industry and spend time analyzing external and internal data.

We ‘listen’ to your audience on social media to get an idea of the things they expect from your business, and lastly, we take a detailed look into your competitors and what they’re doing online. All this helps us to gain the best possible understanding of your business and industry. If you’re a local Indonesia client, we’re also able to spend time each month working from your

office. This helps us really get under the skin of what your business does.

What will be delivered and when?

When you start working with us, we’ll arrange a kick-off meeting with you and your team. This meeting gives us the opportunity to get all the information we need to put together our

initial 6-month digital marketing strategy.

This strategy will outline when and what we plan to deliver. It’s a comprehensive plan that outlines what aspects of the project will be delivered over and the dates you can expect to see them. We update and refresh this strategy every 6 months (or less) so you’re always in the loop about when you’ll see deliverables from us.

How long do I need to commit to working with DRBRAND?

We ask you to commit to a minimum term based on your project and objectives. This gives us enough time to acquire data, study it and implement a strategy that will start to generate the results you want. After that, it’s a rolling monthly contract. We’re not interested in locking clients into long


We want you to stay with us because we’re generating you and your business great results. We’re proud of our client retention rate. In fact, we’ve been working with some

of our clients ever since DRBRAND started in 2013.

Are there any additional or hidden costs for a digital marketing project?

No, there are never any hidden costs with DRBRAND. We cover all of our work in the set monthly retainer. However, you’ll need to cover any biddable media spend such as Google Ads, Microsoft Ads, and Facebook Ads. This is billed separately from our management fee.

Why do the costs quoted by other agencies vary so greatly?

Prices quoted by various agencies will generally take into consideration the differences in depth of service and experience. For example, a service that costs $250 compared with one that costs over $1,500 per month is not likely to be as effective or as thorough.

When receiving quotes from digital marketing agencies, make sure you understand what the deliverables are for the costs they’ve quoted. At DRBRAND, we’re always transparent and

honest about what we’re going to deliver in the time we’ve quoted for. In our experience, we need a good amount of time to generate the best results possible. By quoting for anything

less than this, we know we’re set to fall short on performance.

Who will be working on my account?

You’ll have a dedicated team member to manage your account, who’ll be your main, day-to-day point of contact. You may also have contact with one of our Client Strategy experts who will work with you on your overall digital marketing trategy.

Depending on the project, various other specialists will feed into your account, working on specific areas of the project such as PPC, Social Media, or Content Marketing. We’re always open and transparent about who’s doing what, and all of our experts are DRBRAND employees

How does DRBRAND create website content without knowing my business or my industry?

Our content marketing team is made up of highly skilled content writers who take the time to understand your business, industry, target audiences, and your content aims.

When writing content, we carry out in-depth research using a range of tools such as Answer the Public, Ahrefs, Google Trends, SEMRush, and Buzzsumo. We also get direct input from you to make sure we’re working along the right lines.

Often, content for marketing purposes (rather than your core website pages) performs better when it has a cleaner, “nonindustry” tone without jargon. We can provide examples of the content we’ve produced for some of our existing clients.

How quickly will I start seeing results after working with DRBRAND?

This depends on the channels you use, your competition, your budget, and your website’s state before we start working with you.

However, as a general rule, you should start to see an uplift in online visibility and improvements in your key metrics and goals after the first three months. That’s because the first three months are all about developing the digital strategy and laying the foundations for a successful long-term project.

Projects that use PPC and Biddable Media tend to see results much faster as qualified web traffic starts to come through instantly

How often will results be reported?

We provide bespoke monthly performance dashboards and reports that include all the metrics that are important to you. Your Account Manager will spend time taking you through these reports explaining all the data and performance metrics and the work we’ve been doing.

We may request extra information to ensure we track the wider impact of the project. Often, the digital data we provide is only part of how our project is benefitting your business, so by combining yours and our data, we’re able to demonstrate the real impact our work’s having.

How DRBRAND’s new client onboarding process?

Step 1: We arrange a call to scope out your requirements and understand if we can help.

Step 2: Nikki (DRBRAND Founder) or Tommy, will arrange a face-to-face meeting, video conference, or call (depending on location) to further discuss working together.

Step 3: We deliver a proposal, examples of past work, a project plan and deliverables, including costs.

Step 4: You decide if you want to go ahead.

Step 5: We draw up the contracts which are signed by both parties.

Step 6: Project kick-off meeting

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