Viral Giveaway Management: What is It and 3 Reasons Why It is So Important for Your Business

Viral Giveaway Management – Nowadays, digital marketing is an important thing to do. This is because almost all areas of business require digital media for their operational and marketing processes. Therefore, using a good digital marketing management service will also produce a good performance. One way is to use viral giveaway management.

What’s that? Well, we will discuss it more deeply in this article. Therefore, for those of you who want to learn about digital marketing, you should read this entire article to be able to understand and implement giveaways as the newest marketing method.

What is a Viral Giveaway?

To make you understand marketing through giveaways, you need to know what is meant by viral giveaway management. So, it is a digital marketing strategy that is carried out by distributing giveaways to potential new customers. The goal is to allow people who don’t know the brand to start knowing about the brand.

Well, this method is actually used by many companies to reach a wider range of customers. An example is Nike. Many coffee shops also use the giveaway strategy to get more customers.

Many people are interested in a brand and get to know a new brand because they get information about that brand from the giveaway event that was held. Well, this method is becoming popular today. Therefore, you can also do the best viral giveaway to make your business able to get lots of customers.

Giveaways are of two types. The first is a self-giveaway that the business can do alone. The second is the giveaway sponsor where a third party organizes the giveaway. So you’ll have to pay a third party, the Host, to ask them to run a giveaway on behalf of your business.

However, giveaway sponsors have drawbacks. Because several brands usually participate in this giveaway at the same time, the exposure you get won’t be special. This is because the attention of potential buyers is not only focused on you but on all the brands participating in the event.

Why is Viral Giveaway Important to Do?

This giveaway strategy can give your business many benefits. Some of them are as follows.

  • By doing a giveaway, post engagement on social media will increase.
  • In addition, the percentage of shares people make will also be higher.
  • If your business gets high engagement and sharing rates, then that can increase the conversion rate and follower growth. Finally, your business sales and income will also increase.

How to Do a Proper Viral Giveaway?

Even though the viral giveaway is a free distribution to potential new customers, it’s not easy to get the prize. There are various requirements that must be fulfilled to be able to get the giveaway. Then, the party from the brand will select several people who meet the requirements to get prizes. Then, how to do a viral giveaway?

  • First, determine the purpose of making the giveaway.
  • Then, choose a prize that will be used as a giveaway.
  • After that, inform all the conditions to get the giveaway.
  • Then, announce the winner of the giveaway after the event and gets a lot of participants.

Now, you know what is meant by viral giveaway management and several other things related to this digital marketing strategy. Before creating a giveaway, make sure you’ve made careful planning so that the strategy is successful.

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