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One of the effective marketing currently is email marketing service, where messages or content are made to promote the business products you have more affordable. This makes it easier for customers to order or see the latest products and what advantages are embedded in email marketing.

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Another goal of email marketing itself is to connect your business personally to your audience to customers so that they are more easily acquainted with the products you offer. This improves the relationship between consumers and your business; the audience will become consumers, and sales will occur.

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What Is Email Marketing Services?

The rapidly increasing popularity of social media has put email marketing techniques in demand by various companies because it brings consumers closer to the products to be offered. Better effectiveness using email marketing service has been used for a long time because customers will check their email regularly and monitor the latest products from your business.

Of course, there are billions of email users around the world, and this email marketing service marketing technique generates 60% of customers by making a purchase. This includes the millennial generation, who still use email because of its effectiveness, and because higher purchases are received using email.

On the other hand, email marketing reaches potential customers up to 21%. Businesses that use email marketing, such as travel platforms, can offer up to 5% promos when booking tickets, and the bank you use uses email marketing to offer credit cards as an advantage.

This shows that email marketing services are an effective way to increase sales and make close relationships with consumers easier so that your products are easily recognized.

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Why does email marketing services benefit your business?

This marketing strategy that has been used for a long time has its advantages for various business sectors, so email marketing has various benefits and advantages you need to know.

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digital marketing agency indonesia

Build strong customer relationships

Digitalization makes it easier for the business sector to market their products and make more profits, making email marketing service need to be used to build close relationships with customers. Customers prefer to be approached via email notifications to be more valued and understand your products.

For this reason, email marketing content needs to be adapted to current customers so that they understand that email marketing used for digital marketing can build emotional bonds where customers continue to receive information about the products offered so that they are curious about buying them.

No wonder the emotional bond built with email marketing is an effective and powerful way to attract new and old customers to be up to date in seeing the new products offered.

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Time and Budget Efficient

This marketing technique also saves the company's time and budget because email marketing is considered adequate, fast and inexpensive and has an effect that is not much more important than other marketing. If newspapers, billboards and social media take a lot of time to market their products, then email marketing is better.

With email marketing, the costs incurred are not as expensive as billboards or other media. You can do this email marketing technique easily by defining a campaign and creating an email subject that attracts the audience's attention with compelling and curious copywriting.

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Build credibility as a business

Building a trustworthy business is not easy. you have to create a perfect business foundation so your business can be trusted in various circles. In addition, the product you market must have a reasonable value for the audience and customers who will buy the product later.

By having an attractive value and product, you will get better business credibility by itself, and customers will believe that the product you are selling solves the problems that exist in customers and is helpful in email marketing so that your business runs smoothly and everyone will choose it as the best product they've ever bought.

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Continues promotion and selling

Trying it once or twice is not effective in marketing products using email marketing service, but you need to continuously innovate with compelling and attractive product images plus effective copywriting so that your products are ogled and continue to get new customers.

This needs to be done consistently so that your product can be known by consumers more deeply, but it should be understood that sending emails needs to be done regularly so that it makes consumers curious about the products offered.

Because of attractive offers and promos every month, this is the right moment to attract new customers.

Email Marketing Services Drbrand Helps Manage

Taking advantage of today's market needs, email marketing service is needed in marketing products in various business sectors to find the right customers quickly. However, this requires a trusted marketing agency like Drbrand to optimize digital marketing, SEO to email marketing.

Then, why is Drbrand an attractive marketing service for you to choose right now?

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Email marketing platform setting

Email marketing needs to be arranged according to the target market you want to go to. For that, the email platform must be adjusted so that the products you offer can convey a good message and impression and do not seem ambiguous or confuse the audience who reads it.

Although email marketing is an essential key in product marketing today, you need to choose an email marketing platform such as Mailchimp, Sendiblue or Sender, which are effective platforms used in marketing products using email. For that, you need to sort out the advantages and disadvantages of the various email marketing platforms suitable for your business.

By using the right email platform, you can more easily market your products with the techniques you have designed to find and attract both old and new customers with that platform.

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Drip email automation

Needs to be done repeatedly so that you can focus on your business and market products more efficiently, it also helps you communicate with customers with a good impression and can help them find the desired product.

In addition to effective marketing, the automation of email marketing service can increase order value with good automation and lead to the intended target customers. No wonder this makes you more time-saving in serving customers so that you can effectively market various products.

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Email Copywriting

Copywriting techniques are important to today's audience because the persuasive words used can turn that audience into repeat customers or add new customers soon. By learning in-depth copywriting you can conjure words into the value of the product you sell.

So, the right copywriting is the words that sell to market the product in detail and depth so that the audience feels valued and the problems they experience are helped by the products you offer. Of course, this is an effective marketing technique where customers are attracted to products because of discounts or writing that sells them.

For that, copywriting can be used anywhere, including this email marketing service so that the products offered have more value and become the answer to the problems that the audience has been looking for all this time.

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Email campaigns, reports, and analysis

These email marketing service need to use campaigns to increase brand awareness and generate high traffic to your business site. It also increases product sales with the right campaigns with email newsletters, email promotions to email retention, which are widely used in marketing products via email.

The email newsletter itself functions as interesting content for customers about the use of products, services to how the product is currently being developed. For email acquisition, this method is an effective way to increase your business revenue by directly offering existing products.

In email retention, you will retain customers by sending feedback or other offers that make customers feel respected and valued. Of course, this increases the close relationship between your products and customers.

In addition, email marketing reports such as click rates, open rates and successful delivery rates need to be analyzed and use other means if they have not been successful in reaching the desired target customers. With the platform you use, the report can be seen whether your email was successful or not.

In this email analysis, you need to measure how effective your email marketing is in promoting your business. Such as deliverability, open rate to bounce rate, which is a benchmark in measuring the percentage of emails measuring the percentage of time people close your email.

But you don't have to worry about mastering the business in today's digital era. With Drbrand Solution you will be given optimal service for your business and can ensure that the email service can support business productivity well.

By choosing Drbrand, you can discuss business ideas and marketing methods that are different from other brands. For that, Drbrand is ready to help you with digital marketing strategies such as e-commerce, government, trade to education with various strategies to attract and turn audiences into customers.

Drbrand can optimize conversions on social media to the email service used and increase the credibility of your business regularly. In addition, this service also manages your social media in various ways and powerful SEO optimization for websites to increase product sales.

It's no wonder that this marketing service is chosen by everyone who wants to increase brand awareness, SEO or make email marketing service more effective so that it brings in many visitors in a certain time. With professional mentors, Drbrand is ready to assist you with various services, including optimizing email marketing.

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