Gofood Marketing Strategy for Online Business Owner

Gofood marketing strategy has successfully brought this online food delivery service into a multimillion company that we know today. As an online business owner, adopting those strategies into your business can be a good option.

In this article, we have provided a quick understanding of the Gofood marketing strategy, its importance, and methods to execute the strategy. So, without further ado, here’s everything you need to know about Gofood’s marketing strategy.

What is Gofood Marketing Strategy?

gofood marketing strategy
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If you live in Indonesia, you’ll most likely know what Gofood is. To put it simply, Gofood is a product of Gojek, an app-based transportation service founded in Indonesia. Similar to Grabfood, Gofood also offers a food order and delivery service that can be accessed via mobile apps.

With millions of active users, Gofood is one of the most used food delivery services in Indonesia. Of course, achieving such achievement requires a proper strategy and planning. This is where the Gofood marketing strategy plays its role.

As the name suggests, Gofood’s marketing strategy is a series of strategies used by Gofood to gain more sales. In addition to that, the company also employs these strategies to expand its business and gain new customers.

As a business owner, adopting the strategies employed by Gofood may be a suitable option to expand your business. However, unless you have unlimited resources, replicating all of Gofood’s marketing strategies may not be the best option. So, instead of doing that, start with something small and executable.

Why Gofood Marketing Strategy is Important for Beginner Business Owners?

gofood marketing strategy
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Fortune awaits anyone who applies the Gofood marketing strategy for their business. Besides increasing your business sales, this strategy can also build trust among potential customers. Here are some benefits of applying the Gofood marketing strategy to your business.

Build brand awareness

Any marketing strategy, be it content marketing or email marketing, always stemmed from the idea of building brand awareness. As a beginner business owner, most people may not know about your business at all. Applying a certain marketing strategy can help your business acquire recognition from people who were previously unaware of your business.

Establish connections with customers

Marketing strategy is not always about increasing sales figures. It also concerns building a connection between your customers and your business. In online business, strong public relations can be the difference between a successful business and a failing business. By having a strong PR, you will retain a better presence between the public and customers.

Increase customers’ trust

As a newly-established business, you may be faced with certain difficulties when gaining trust from new customers and the public in general. Gaining more trust means that new potential customers will be more likely to purchase something from your business. As a result, more and more people will regard your business as trustworthy, which in turn increases your business sales.

Reach wider audience

Any business, small or big, will reach a specific time when an expansion is a necessary step to take. For a newly-established business, what better way to expand it other than to reach a wider audience? Luckily, the Gofood marketing strategy is the right tool for this task.

Communicate brand personality

Your business brand is more than just a good logo and beautiful color palette. A good business will put the highest effort into establishing who they are, what drives them, their promises, what makes them different, and their personality. A good marketing strategy is being able to communicate all of that to the customers with ease.

How to do Gofood Marketing Strategy

It seems that Gofood proposes strong marketing strategies to boost its business sales. However, before you even attempt to apply these strategies to your business, it is essential to note that Gofood is part of a multimillion company with a lot of resources to execute its business strategy. So, unless you also have endless resources, be smart when choosing which Gofood marketing strategy you’re going to apply.

Following the trends

Trends exist to be exploited and used for your business’s advantage. Following a specific topic can easily communicate your product to the customers. Of course, following a trend alone is not enough to boost your business sales. So, be sure to mind the use of keywords in your campaign to increase its visibility to the public.

Partnering with other businesses

In business, two heads are always better than one. As a newly-established business, setting everything up on your own may be extremely difficult. So, instead of doing that, find a suitable business partner that helps your business grow. In establishing a partnership, be sure to share the same value with the other. In addition, choose a business partner with complementary skills. Lastly, clearly state your and your partner’s role in the established partnership.

Focusing on customer experience and customer journey

As a beginner in the business world, you need to understand that customers play a huge role in your business development. Without customers, your business is nothing. So, as exemplified by Gofood, try to focus on your customers’ experience and journey. You can do this by listening to their complaints and suggestions. By doing this, customers will put more trust in your business and your products.

Doing promotions

If you’re an avid Gofood user, you may notice the high number of promotions offered by this food delivery service. Why not? Everyone loves promo, especially if it is related to food. The main aim of promotion is to maintain customers’ awareness of your products. So, if you wish to boost your brand and product awareness, doing a promotion can be a good option.

Building a strong sense of community

Customers love to be regarded as a part of a business family. Evidently, that’s what Gofood does to increase the company’s overall sales and customers’ trust. To apply this strategy to your business, increase your customers’ engagement on different platforms. On top of that, you can also offer an educational service that can help your customers to develop themselves.

Final words

Gofood’s success is a testament to how good its marketing strategy is. In addition, their success should be used as a motivation to develop your own business. So, be sure to apply the Gofood marketing strategy to further develop your newly-established online business. However, make sure that you have enough resources to execute all of those marketing strategies.

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