Google Keyword Research: Step-by-step for Business Owners

Google Keyword Research – could be one of the essential knowledge areas for every business owner. When you are in Internet marketing, of course, you have a lot to learn because technology is constantly evolving. In this article, you will learn about Google Keyword Research and how to do it.

What is Google Keyword Research

google ad keyword research
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Google Keyword Research has the function for keyword research inside Google Ads features. To do Ad keyword research, you can use Google’s keyword planner. This tool is made for Google Ads advertising needs. But you can also use this tool for SEO keyword research.

Why Google Keyword Research is Important for Beginner Business Owners

By doing keyword research, you will have a deeper understanding of the business you are running. In addition, there is a lot of important information that you can get when doing keyword research, such as how your website ranks, what keywords can increase your website ranking, and so on. Including the level of competition and the search volume of these keywords.

Not only that, but you will also find out information on competitor website rankings and how they can top the search results. This information is helpful so that you can create more valuable content to increase your site’s ranking. | Google Keyword Research

By doing keyword research, you will know what topics or keywords are often searched for and used by users when browsing. The results are also actual and based on data, so you don’t have to worry about making assumptions about the topics that website users are looking for.

On Google, users are not only looking for information but also for products or services that can meet their needs. With the right keywords, the product or service you are selling can also be found on Google so that it can increase sales conversions.

Google can only rank your website if they know the ins and outs of your business. The trick, maximize the use of keywords related to your business. Keyword research is also helpful to help Google rank your website. If Google already understands the keywords you are using and assesses the feasibility of our content, it will increase your site’s ranking in search results.

Another reason is that keyword research can also increase traffic to your website. So, this keyword research is essentially knowing the keywords that are often searched for by visitors so that they can be applied to your website to be more effective in Internet marketing strategies.

How to do Google Keyword Research

google ad keyword research
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Know the different types of keywords

Make sure you know the three types of keywords in SEO. These types of keywords are distinguished based on the search engine users themselves. The first type is the informational keyword, where users use specific keywords to find information. Here the user is considered not to know the brand and product of your website.

Second, transactional keywords– keywords used by users to download or purchase specific products. However, users also don’t know your brand and products. | Google Keyword Research

Third, Navigational keywords. The users already know what they are looking for on the search engine. They want to go to a specific page. This means that keyword users already know your website’s brand and products, so the keywords that are entered tend to be specific.

After knowing the three types of keywords, you just need to run the thought process for website optimization. This thought process includes identifying seed keywords, figuring out search volume keywords, and deciding which ones to use as primary keywords. These main keywords are keywords with high search volume and relevance to your business.

Search Seed Keyword

google ad keyword research

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To start looking for seed keywords, there are several steps you can take. First, make sure you understand what your business has to offer on your website. What do you want to sell? This way, you can select relevant topics and make finding seed keywords easier.

Second, check the target market of your website. Put yourself in the shoes of your target market. The goal is to determine the market needs that can be answered with the content and products sold on your website. | Google Keyword Research

Third, don’t think complicated. When searching for seed keywords, try to keep it simple. Think from the point of view of people looking for specific information on search engines that can direct them to your website.

Finally, use Google in incognito mode to check those keywords. If these keywords match your target content and are also used by competitors, then the related keywords are still relevant to your website, and you’ve got the right keywords.

Find search volume and related keywords

To find search volume and related keywords, make sure you do regular updates. It can be done once a month, especially for keywords potentially used most often in your website content.

Better short tail or long tail

Short-tail keywords refer to shorter keywords—usually only one to two words. At the same time, long-tail keywords are usually much longer and are derivatives of short-tail keywords—usually up to three to four words with a more specific context.

Short-tail keywords have a very high level of competition. This is because the opportunities for its use on other web pages, of course, are very numerous. In other words, short-tail keywords tend to be riskier and may not bring an optimized website to a higher position on search engines.

To do keyword research, you can use google keyword planner. You can do two ways to make it easier to find target keywords on Google Keyword Planner. First, enter the keywords you want to research—type keywords related to these keywords on your website. Google Keyword Planner provides a maximum limit of 10 keywords for one research. | Google Keyword Research

The second way, you only need to enter your website. Then, Google Keyword Planner will analyze keywords related to your website.

By utilizing Google Keyword Planner, you have the opportunity to steal various keyword ideas from your business competitors. In the discover new keywords feature, you can enter a website URL to do keyword research. There you can also enter the URL of your competitor’s website.


Google Keyword research is one of the must-do Internet marketing strategies. You can use Google Ad Planner to help with your research.

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